LSUmc has received 135 Muthead Honor from 38 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 m4tthog4nSep 4, 2016Earnt legend status through his generosity and hard work for others.
1 XhellhamerXSep 4, 2016great giveaway
5 diimsday1044Sep 3, 2016great Mut header , very generous. always doing creative giveaways and congrats on legend next Color!!!
1 Mr1_on1Sep 2, 2016Congrats on achieving legend status you definitely deserve it sir
1 GrumbleAug 30, 2016Great member and well deserve, congrats on legend
1 Brother_MouzoneAug 30, 2016Thanks for the prize great contest!
3 XhellhamerXAug 29, 2016Congrats on the promotion and legend from Awkn leadership
1 Vladimir_PutinAug 25, 2016Early Congrats! Been a pleasure running with you here
1 Stoney_05Aug 25, 2016Congrats on hitting LEGEND brodimaggio tomorrow and best of luck hitting a CCB!
1 toberle1Aug 21, 2016Thanks for starting me out with honor a long time ago :)
1 chrisbhedrickAug 21, 2016Consistently provides expert knowledge to all members, demonstrates the true essence MH philosophy, great leader, & selfless guy
1 toberle1Aug 20, 2016generous dude
1 rolsen3Aug 18, 2016thanks for the coins last night really appreciate it
1 DSWkickass_88Aug 18, 2016For being a generous clan member and always contributing to MH---Thanks
1 rolsen3Aug 14, 2016Always doing giveaways for the community thanks
1 diimsday1044Aug 11, 2016to honor a great mutheader and friend LSU has giving away more this year then any other mutheader I know
5 diimsday1044Aug 9, 2016to honor one of the most legit and generous mut headers ive met , and next color !!! thanks LSU
1 diimsday1044Aug 9, 2016to honor a great mut header congrats on 95- 99 is right around corner :)
1 diimsday1044Aug 5, 2016for Helping me build my Squad and holding Boss Allen for me Thanks LSU :)
1 diimsday1044Aug 5, 2016for sharing Braskilla giveaway with me and being a great generous mutheader
1 diimsday1044Aug 1, 2016for being great mutheader and helping out others (and helping me )
1 EVILKNIJul 27, 2016really active supporter of the site and clan - THANKS
1 bcc24Jul 27, 2016for all the hard work u put in for the clan
1 diimsday1044Jul 22, 2016helped me a lot this season
1 nls1508Jul 21, 2016great guy on this site! great for the community