LKDESIGNZ has received 172 Muthead Honor from 65 members.

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1 tricky80gJul 4, 2019Happy 4th!
1 aaveresJan 1, 2019Happy New Year!
1 SquawkboxxJan 1, 2019Happy New Year!
1 tricky80gDec 25, 2018Happy Holidays!!!
1 tricky80gOct 9, 2018For being a great clannie!
1 tricky80gAug 8, 2018More FUN to come for M19!
1 LikePluto6Jul 4, 2018Happy Fourth of July.
2 Throw_up_tha_XMay 24, 2018Top GFX artist on muthead
1 xprrtMar 8, 2018Great gfx artist, congrats on the Shead wallpaper brotha!
1 nothingfinerthana49erMar 1, 2018I know this is a drop in the bucket brother, but it’s my way of saying thanks for the amazing avi
1 jeh611Feb 8, 2018One of the best and most generous members in the gfx community!
2 Tekhed1Feb 5, 2018Grats for reaching the 3 years milestone on MH.
2 Street_SpiritJan 26, 2018Thanks for making kick ass AVIs!
1 tricky80gJan 24, 2018Happy Birthday FUN!
1 JaketlarsenJan 1, 2018New Years
1 xprrtDec 31, 2017Happy new year FUN Skwad!
1 Tekhed1Dec 31, 2017Happy Hogmanay.Have FUN and stay safe.
2 MeMike84Dec 29, 2017cheers to us dads and a happy and healthy new year to our families!! :)
1 tricky80gDec 26, 2017Happy Holidays to a great guy!
1 jeh611Dec 25, 2017Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
1 xylo7Dec 21, 2017AMAZING WORK!!!! Thank you!!!!
2 buggyfreshDec 20, 2017For the awesome LeSean McCoy Avi
5 xXcGil18XxDec 10, 2017Thanks for the amazing avi. I appreciate the time and effort you put into it to make it perfect. Means a lot. Thanks again.
2 PhillynGoodDec 9, 2017Thanks for the avis my man! Awesome work
1 MikeyDDec 7, 2017Thanks for helping me with the Barry Sanders avi. Much appreciated!