KnuckzDaNomad has received 46 Muthead Honor from 21 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 jeh611Aug 26, 2017Thanks for sharing in the FUN!!
5 Dliebs97Jul 30, 2017Thanks for helping me out
1 jeh611Jul 16, 2017Thank you for your FUN Clan Camaraderie!
1 DaBears4LyfeJul 10, 2017For hosting another Knuckz MM Tourney
1 user-100013122Jul 3, 2017Random 4th of July Act of Kindness for my American brothers (/FUNners)
1 Jackhammer458Jun 8, 2017Good luck with ccb.
2 tricky80gJun 8, 2017Welcome to FUN!
3 pdcameronMay 25, 2017A great father and butter
1 GrillznstillzMay 5, 2017For having warren moon up , my fav player of all time
4 ShazzyFeb 10, 2017Welcome to the 30 Club! Congrats on the successful Knuckz tourney
1 Lb33wonkaSep 27, 2016Great clan mate !
1 zoowildlifeAug 26, 2016Smooth transaction for MH credits...I would do transactions with him again.
10 BleedervalveMMAug 16, 2016Being a great commish
1 samurijohnAug 9, 2016For the guy with one of the coolest names
3 i4luvofthegameJul 2, 2016My road dog! Always had my back! Much luv!
2 basebaldy1Jun 23, 2016Thank you for trying to make things right!
1 13kx250fJun 11, 2016Knuckz is the man.
1 pdcameronJun 5, 2016Because you deserve it
1 dalionsJun 5, 2016thanx for being a ok league mate lol.. thanx for the help since iv joined back to last yr...
1 ZimTzuMay 13, 2016He knows why and that's all that matters
1 Queballer4Apr 11, 2016Goonz OG Commish, thanks for helping me get my foot in the door!
1 Dnist76Apr 11, 2016Thanks for all the effort and work out in man!
1 Mr_PoppagorgioApr 9, 2016thanks for reaching out and giving me a chance in MHMA. Made some great relationships and still talk with a few MHMA daily.
1 Dnist76Apr 9, 2016Thanks for all the help brother