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    After watch the madden bowl I decided to start playing salary cap mode again. It’s such a great mode and can really improve your skill. The problem is that I’m unsure if the thresholds change?

    Do zone coverage, man coverage, QB short mid and deep acc, spin move, juke move, o line blocking, defensive power and finesse moves all stay at the same thresholds as MUT???

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    Quote from Steverayls >>
    Quote from jfoley22 >>

    You mean “who are the legends tmrw?” I think right. Do you know who the legends are? No. Punctuate.

     Come on now . His name is klop and he has 6 posts what do u expect? 

     Calm down dude. Ya that’s my name and I don’t see why I need to  use the correct punctuation‘s in a MUT post. I’m  quite educated. 


    Go go pound sand. Usually people who talk shit online are very weak and pathetic in real life. Don’t project your attitude on others, simply because you hate your life. 

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    does anyone know who the legends will be tomorrow??

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    I was wondering if anyone pulled a LTD Moss in the NAT Ghosts of Madden Past. Can he be pulled in that NAT pack??? Thinking about retooling it until I get him.

    What pack would be the best to pull him ?

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    I am a 25Q with the Florida Army National Guard. Currently on state active duty orders in Florida. A lot of people effected by hurricane Michael that could use are aid. I miss building my team in madden but love my National Guard team. Maybe EA will hold some content so soldiers aren’t to far behind. Please give support to those effected. God bless 

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