KRAELO has received 183 Muthead Honor from 62 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 Scourge00165Jan 6, 2019For the 99 pct of the Mut community that DOESN'T constantly complain!!!
4 Chip_Brandon22Oct 21, 2018Thanks!
1 LuckyLindy84Oct 18, 2018Appreciate all you do for us. Very excited for Most Feared!
1 mchardjMay 28, 2018Thanks for the response and your work
3 jtgeigerFeb 20, 2018For responding to my messages in a timely manner. Keep up the hard work
1 MrDru07Jan 24, 2018TY for all the hard work and providing info from EA to the MH Community
1 tamc93Jan 10, 2018Thank you for the podcast.
1 Thunder13DomeJan 4, 2018For helping the MH members!
1 Robrules1Dec 11, 2017Happy holidays and just a reminder you are appreciated
1 Throw_up_tha_XNov 21, 2017Keeping the community up to date
3 blitzfistNov 3, 2017Thanks for the info KRAELO
1 Slammer4244Sep 27, 2017Thank you brother for everything you have done here and at EA very well deserved my friend.God bless always buddy.
1 Ccrane9Aug 16, 2017Congrats on the Move! Thanks for everything you've done for the sites and me personally.
1 Robrules1Aug 4, 2017For all your continued hard work and dedication, it is truly appreciated
5 ArkGroundGame901Jul 27, 2017Thank you for all of the MUT progress! BWW in 17 was clutch, and I can't wait to see what 18 has in store!
1 XhellhamerXJul 26, 2017Keep your word. Honor commitments, and they will double back to honor you. Bill Rancic (for all your contributions and fair decisions)
8 EliSucksJul 19, 2017Because 150 is a nice even number
1 TrumpetmonkeyJul 17, 2017for being a dinky die, ridgy didge, true blue, fair dinkum, dead set, one-hunge-ten-percent LEGEND! :P a good bloody bloke!
1 YachtJul 10, 2017Enjoy your free avi
5 Slammer4244Jul 7, 2017Thanks for everything you do buddy.Keep up the awesome work God bless always.
2 MabenxJul 6, 2017Thanks for taking the time to help me out
1 LennokxJul 5, 2017Thanks for always giving us news about new madden content! It makes this site 10x better.
1 MakerJul 2, 2017Thanks for all of your time and effort, this is the least I could do.
1 igorMay 11, 2017S
1 igorMay 11, 2017E