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    My favorites include:


    1. The Moth Radio Hour -- This one is true stories. The Moth was born out of open mics where people can tell stories, poems, etc. The only caveat is they must be true. The radio hour is a curation of the best ones. It's really interesting and you never know what three stories they'll choose for that episode. 
    2. Citations Needed -- This is a really good deconstructive type podcast. What they do is take narratives from the media and unwrap them to show how those in power utilize the media and PR for their own gain. The hosts are left-leaning for sure -- but from the academic far left. For instance, they deconstructed the "Natives versus Science" narrative that is used by colonizers against Native populations in the context of the Hawaii demonstrations.
    3. Bombshell -- It's hosted by 3 ladies with foreign policy/analyst chops. They dissect the foreign policy crises of the day. 
    4. Recode Decode -- Hosted by Kara Swisher. She's labelled the "silicon valley reporter" and has interviews with tech execs, politicians, etc. about how technology impacts us. 
    5. The Weeds -- This is about white papers on policy. 
    6. The Art of Manliness -- He has a lot of book authors on his show. Super diverse. A lot of it can be self-helpy but really just a good interviewer that reads a lot of books. 
    7. The Happiness Lab -- This is basically a free Yale-university course on the psychology of happiness. It's kind of self-helpy too. Super interesting. 
    8. Revisionist History -- Malcolm Gladwell is the host. He likes to take unique angles on different historical events. For instance, Episode 1 is about a painting called "The Roll Call" and how it was one of the first pieces of art that had huge popularity in England despite it being painted by a woman. But, women weren't invited to showcase their work for nearly a hundred years after the break through. Thus, he took a deep dive into why sometimes breaking a barrier doesn't actually mean the door opens for everyone. 
    9. Joe Rogan Podcast -- He has a variety of guests from comedians, to politicians, to actors, etc. It's about 2 hours long and it's just a deep dive. It's basically a dude hanging out with interesting people with a curiosity about the world with no other agenda. It isn't as academically focused or rigorous as the other podcasts. 
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    You might like TronicsFix, here's his youtube channel. He fixes electronics. I think it's super interesting to watch. Plus, you can see the toolset he uses and that might help you. 



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    A dear friend of mine, and former clanmate, spilled coffee all over his $700 dollar computer. It was so funny that I spilled coffee on my $700 dollar computer!!!!!!!!

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    Quote from lachrymotion >>

    Will get it when Fort gets ported over to it if the frames are better than console (60FPS). 

    Have never been a PC guy, but if I can get some of the benefits of a virtual PC machine w/o the hardware I’d be down. 

     That's my exact thought, too. Plus their controller looks like a good hybrid between xbox and ps4. 

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    Good, roger stone got what was coming to him. 

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    Quote from bethro01 >>

    I wish for no pain. 


    But there's a saying.. "you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up faster". 

     Why do my wishes smell so bad? :'( 

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    Quote from diehardraider >>

    Kind of hard to compare Phoenix's version of Joker with Ledger's since they were playing him at very different points in his life. But just from a pure acting standpoint I thought Phoenix's performance as a whole was better and showed more range.

     You understand that there's no possible way that they could be the same person in the same timeline right? This person would be well in his 60s or something like that by the time the Dark Knight takes place. 

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    Quote from Shemmar2K >>
    Quote from JurisDoctor >>

    I saw the movie and I thought it was really bad. 


     It is bad on multiple levels. If you took out any of the awards buzz (that's created because it's a fan favorite comic book character), there's no way this film would have been successful on its own merits. It was absolutely terrible. There's probably more to be said but here's my basic points:


    • It promotes harmful stereotypes. Ignoring the self-importance of the motif, "society is bad to me and made me bad," it creates a link between proneness to violence and mental illness. It's like a zombie trope, it never seems to stay dead. Not only is it not true--in fact, mentally ill are the most likely to be victims of violence--but it is also harmful. It stigmatizes the mentally ill all the while it serves as a mask over those who are truly evil. 
    • It's really shallow.
      • It has all of the depth of a film student's first attempt at emulating its favorite director. If you want a grim, character study then you should just watch Taxi Driver or The King of Comedy.
      • It only has one act: A world of unpleasantness. There's no real character development.
      • It misses all of the symbolism -- for instance, take the train scene. The "bros" that were mocking him and beating him sung, "Send in the clowns" but it's not a song about clowns at all. 
      • The political stake of what the "mass protests" were about was never clear and just dumb. 
    •  It purposefully destroys all of the character development of the "Joker." 
      • In every iteration, the Joker is a chaotic, joking, criminal mastermind. In this depiction, he's always the butt of the joke. He's shown as being a really stupid person that got gaslighted by his adoptive mom. He isn't really that chaotic: Even his first murder was in self defense. Above all, it made this iteration of the Joker as someone that never had any self-reflection. His violence was just a release or escape from his mania. But, in all other iterations, the Joker knew exactly who he was and what he stood for. 
      • The worst of all is how nothing that this iteration of the Joker did was his choice. It was just a reaction of what happened to him. That goes against all other iterations of the Joker who was the ultimate schemer. 
      •  Phillips has given interviews about how much he hates super hero movies. This wanted to be "not a super hero" movie so bad that it was just one tone of grimness and unpleasantness.


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    Halloween is well if not scary, supposed to be about little monsters getting candy.  I like eye candy as much as the next guy but I feel the proliferation of the sexy costume is getting ridiculous.

     Where are you seeing so many sexy costumes? 

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    Is it acceptable for people to come and talk to you about whatever ?  Is one purchase an hour sufficient.  Must every food item either be sugary or include eggs and cheese?

     The only two pieces of coffee etiquette that I have are: 1) Everyone must keep their genitals covered, and 2) you must provide currency backed by the government of the jurisdiction you are located in exchange for the service or good that you receive from the establishment. 

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    I saw the movie and I thought it was really bad. 

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    Quote from CantPlayMadden >>

    We live in an age of technology. What is astonishing is the fact that technology is rapidly growing, rapidly making new things that 5 years ago would of never happened. Drones being able to fly packages to your doors, using your phone as a company and being employees of an app like Uber. Seeing Boston Dynamics make cool robots to help construction workers carry stuff(Which could move into other jobs)... McDonalds using robots to get your orders(Probably soon will be robots to make the food 2x as efficient).


    Youtube being more of an entertainment site, being a Political Science major, Youtube, Twitter, FB and other are great sources to get all types of different sides of the news on both sides(Now, since Politics is banned on here which I feel shouldn't be let's just stay out of this side).

    Youtube is a career now, I would imagine, you guys never thought of this. 


    Cars are becoming more 'futuristic' with self driving ALMOST being the norm, I would predict 'Ipad' type features instead of radios in newer cars very shortly. Which better picture is if self driving is almost here, taxi drivers and people working at Uber will die out. Truckers will die out, Self driving will be in all vehicles.


    I often wonder about what the World be in 10 years from now because history shows nothing like this. Technology is making the World more closer together BUT also making the World more farther apart in terms of social skills. Technology is allowing us to learn more about us and the universe at a much fast rate(Comment your thoughts on this since this is a Gen Z(Well, the beginning of Gen Z type person). 


    Just my thoughts over the few years... 

     I am a big fan of history and you can see how others grappled with similar worries. This is sort of the same technological revolution that happened in the 1850s -- the railroads connected the continental US, telegraphs gave nearly instantaneous communication across distances, etc. etc. 

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    Quote from dallas82 >>

    I bought him the second day he came out for 2.4M and sold him a week later for 2.87M, so I made a very slight profit. I had him powered up and all the good chems activated. In the week I played with him, I only recall him getting 2 sacks in total. LT gets like 2 sacks per half. Now I see people are dropping over 3M for his card and I'm just like noooooooo. Anyway, he seems terribly overpriced for what he delivers. 

     No. Back in his heyday, every Dez Bryant card was so overvalued -- I could never afford him. So, I'd just get another 88 WR and pretend, like the dude from the Jaguars. 

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