• posted a message on Congratulations Habsfan51!

    Congrats to the only Canadian that I can tolerate Smile

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  • posted a message on Selling MHC for coinage

    Title says it all, PM me rates bbs

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  • posted a message on Final 2 Virginia vs Texas Tech who you got winning it all

    I think it'll be either TTU or UVA. I've been saying this for the past 24 hours.

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  • posted a message on If you would curate Madden 20’s soundtrack

    <-------- All of her songs (excluding the entire Sweetener album).

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  • posted a message on If thou seek wisdom, inquire master oogway
    Quote from Whodat978 >>

    But are you wiser than the pickem messiah kash?

     ^ This. Clearly Njh is an imposter

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  • posted a message on Should this song count as Country?

    I'd imagine it would

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  • posted a message on Betaholic Dolphahouse (9/8) NFL PROMO

    Hello boys,



    BGSU vs Maryland


    Maryland -14 -105 (5Dimes), 1.29MHC to win 1.23, 2.52 net



    thanks yall

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  • posted a message on Betaholic's Dolphouse (9/2)



    Man U - Burnley: DRAW - +303


    .5 to win 1.52, net 2.02




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  • posted a message on First year college student, any advice ?

    What school are you going to?

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  • posted a message on Plz help me understand the need for guns....
    Quote from JurisDoctor >>
    Quote from kan >>
    Quote from Namtih21 >>

    This is one topic that I break from my liberal friends.


    I have stated it before, and I'll say it again.  I hate guns.  I find them reprehensible.  They are nothing but a tool for violence, even if used in self defense, it's violence for the purpose of self defense.


    That said, Australia is far different.  First, the 2nd amendment is part of the constitution.  Second, there is an aspect of the old west/frontier ways (something that I would expect was there also with Australia) that is firmly held in our culture.


    But lastly, the amount of guns in this country has gotten to be an obscene amount.  More guns than people.  And many of them held by a small concentration of people.


    And it is because of the large amount of guns that I believe they have to be available for all, with as few restrictions as possible.  I take it even further believing in removing restrictions from felons, and am firmly NOT in favor of restricting the "mentally ill" from being able to possess guns.  


    Do I like it? No.  But I view it as a necessary evil in this country.

    Why allow people who have mental issues to have easy access to guns? 

     Not arguing for him, but there's two strong policy reasons that I see. First, it creates a strong incentive to never seek mental health treatments. Second, the subjective element of mental health diagnosis will carry heavy bias.  

     I completely agree. There is an undeniable mental health crisis in this country and we shouldn't punish people to seek the treatment they need.


    To add my two cents, though, I don't like the title of this thread. I don't need to explain what my "need" for a gun is. I have an inalienable right to protect myself by any means necessary (whether the threat be from a fellow citizen, or the government itself), and the 2nd amendment allows me to do so.


    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not in the "MENTAL HEALTH!!!!!11!!" camp, because we can do some things on the regulation side as well. I'm not sure about the Jax shooter, but the Parkland shooter should not have been allowed to purchase a gun legally under current law. Why don't we start by enforcing the laws we have on the books now, fund mental health clinics, and see where that takes us.

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  • posted a message on Betaholic's Dolphouse - 8/28 (see post 2)

    BGSU vs Oregon


    Oregon -31.5 (-110, Bovada)


    .94 to win .85, 1.79 net


    sent, thanks yall

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  • posted a message on MIA
    Quote from Habsfan51 >>
    Quote from bamabeast2015 >>

    Gnight MEN! See y’all tomorrow!

     Good night Smile

     get off of muthead and go back to my half hour animated video about the fed

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  • posted a message on Socialism at work
    Quote from JJmanning >>

    Same thing happened in Germany during the 40’s.

     Germany also had one or two very minor external foreign affair issues that costed them a couple Reichsmarks during the 40's

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  • posted a message on Official Review: Ariana Grande's Sweetener
    Quote from LSUmc >>

    Came in here thoroughly ready to say Truvia is better...

     I've never tried it but I have heard honey is a great artificial sweetener. Doesn't raise blood sugar or something like that.

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