JimmyGaroppolo has received 81 Muthead Honor from 36 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 SonOfMercuryMar 20, 2017Giving An Honor to all of the people that I made friendly MHC trades over the weekend!
3 Glock_44sMar 18, 2017Thank you for your patience
5 JONNYMACK1184Mar 17, 2017The GOAT of transferring
1 Zito501Mar 16, 2017Helping me learn the bet house
1 WizDragonXboxMar 15, 2017Thank you for all haggle free deals! - WDX
1 TBEETMar 14, 2017Such a good guy to trade with. Fast and smooth. And honest as he went 2nd
1 TTzeroTREYMar 14, 2017For being a great leader/supporter of WIRE!
1 Ph33rTreyMar 13, 2017Thank you for the MHC transaction
1 mchardjMar 13, 2017Trustworthy member; great to deal with!
1 Adopolus234Mar 11, 2017Great member of the community, very trustworthy! Huge recommendation
1 josh2brazyMar 10, 2017Great Guy thanks for doing a deal with me.
1 SonOfMercuryMar 4, 2017Good working with you, thanks again for the speedy trade!
1 shag9499Mar 1, 2017Good Madden community member
1 DesiredplaysFeb 28, 2017Legit AF
1 Zito501Feb 23, 2017Helped me win 4 big Pickem would have been 5 but i didnt think the Tarheels would win
1 dustincooFeb 20, 2017Bought his card, he came through right away! Patient with site issues as well. Thanks man!
1 markymarkmfbFeb 19, 2017A+ trader thanks for being legit and fast
1 twikoffFeb 19, 2017quick and easy trade at a great rate.. would recommend to anyone
1 igorFeb 18, 2017Extremely helpful to a new muthead trader! Would recommend everyone get to know this guy!
1 mudflap38Feb 11, 2017For holding a great giveaway
1 chrisbhedrickFeb 6, 2017Spearheading a giveaway, and looking out for others within our community, appreciate it!
1 Zito501Feb 5, 2017Holding a WIRE giveaway
1 srs38Jan 20, 2017Smooth deal, thanks
1 MVPFolesJan 20, 2017thanks for the smooth deals!
1 WizDragonXboxJan 19, 2017thank you for super fast mhc deal sir!