JimmyGaroppolo has received 81 Muthead Honor from 36 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 t1j2mFeb 18, 2020one final recognition to a deserving member before the move
2 CrimsonCoug88Jul 31, 2017For our MHC deal a little big ago, forgot to get these to you. Thanks again.
1 TTzeroTREYJul 22, 2017Continuous great leader of WIRE! Striving to help members with pickems/bethouses and growing their MHC! GREAT LEADER!
1 TTzeroTREYJul 6, 2017Accolade of becoming a LEADER FOR WIRE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
1 Clippers32BGJul 2, 2017For trading with me when i was just learning. Great person
2 MeMike84Jun 23, 2017an early congratulations :)
1 b7k201Jun 21, 2017For being a Bucks fan!
1 Zito501Jun 19, 2017Loaning me some MHC to get back on my feet
1 Zito501Jun 16, 2017Being a great Co-Leader and always helping the family
1 BasedGodsbroJun 11, 2017Thanks for all your help!
1 igorJun 11, 2017another pleasant and easy transaction, have done many with this gentleman and would highly recommend! Always fair, and hairless!
3 SchmooyohooMay 28, 2017Keep up the good work
2 Zito501May 26, 2017Being a great Co-Leader
1 TBEETMay 19, 2017Being a great member if WIRE
1 TTzeroTREYApr 26, 2017Great MUTHEAD member and WIRE MEMBER!
1 jeh611Apr 25, 2017Enjoy your input on the betting forums.
1 Zito501Apr 25, 2017Being a great influence in WIRE
1 THECHIPPOApr 20, 2017One of the easiest people to deal with -- Super patient and very nice -- Thanks Jimmy
1 CrimsonCoug88Apr 19, 2017Fellow Clan Member and Pickem specialist
1 TTzeroTREYApr 9, 2017Great Support!
1 Zito501Apr 8, 2017Helping the clan
2 Primetime_VolMar 31, 2017Great member. Made some awesome trades together
1 Thunder13DomeMar 26, 2017Cool dude did a deal trust worthy member thx again
5 ericmc6Mar 26, 2017Great member of the community. Helped me with a trade. He could have easily hadme over pay but did not. Lots of reapect for this member.