• posted a message on Pack Sim Fantasy Football: Week 6!

    QB - Russell Wilson

    RB - Alvin Kamara

    WR - Keenan Allen


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  • posted a message on NFL BINGO! Week #6... FREE SPACE FOR EVERYONE!!!

    1 Christian McCaffrey
    2 Tyreek Hill
    3 Zach Ertz
    4 Chris Carson
    5 Ezekiel Elliott
    6 George Kittle
    7 Dalvin Cook
    8 Will Dissly
    9 Julio Jones
    10 Cooper Kupp
    11 Michael Gallup
    12 Devonta Freeman
    13 Free
    14 Adam Thielen
    15 David Johnson
    16 DJ Chark
    17 DeAndre Hopkins
    18 Odell Beckham
    19 Nick Chubb
    20 Alvin Kamara
    21 Mark Ingram
    22 Chris Godwin
    23 Amari Cooper
    24 Michael Thomas
    25 Leonard Fournette

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  • posted a message on EA you lied to us (Madden 19)
    Quote from Dante88 >>

    They're like the iPhones. Once a new one comes out the older ones suck forcing you to upgrade 

     Comparing EA to a shit product like iPhones is the best analogy I've heard in a long time.  Kuddos to you!

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  • posted a message on Guess the Daily Objectives have been taken down on M19?

    Any word from Kraelo if it was a mistake or if they're bringing back the daily objectives?

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  • posted a message on Guess the Daily Objectives have been taken down on M19?

    Big whoop.  Honestly, the daily objectives are the only reason I'm still playing 19.  If they do away with those, I guess I'll just find something else to pass my time.

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  • posted a message on Guess the Daily Objectives have been taken down on M19?
    Quote from undrdogx >>
    Quote from Stonington >>

    I thought K said they would not end???

    Yeah that's what I thought too...taking the daily objectives away is just another way to push people to M20

     Or just to get people to stop playing Madden in general

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  • posted a message on M19 giveaway ps4

    In for the giveaway.  Thanks!!

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  • posted a message on M20 giveaway

    This is awesome!  In for the giveaway.

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  • posted a message on will prices come back down before mut20

    It surprises me that so many people who play Madden fail simple economics.  They just released HUGE solo battle rewards today therefore dumping a ton of coin into the market.  With people having so much coin and not as many cards due to people not ripping packs so late in the year is going to drive the price of all cards up.  

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  • posted a message on All things said and done, Was this the worst Madden in the last 5 years?
    Quote from feiyawei >>

    To me there are three main parts to MUT:  Game play, Content and Team Building.


    Game play sucked. Hands down the worst game play I can remember and I've played this series most years since 1992.  I played '10 on PS2 and I don't remember the game play being this bad.  3-4 iterations of the scum kick, zones are broken, fall forward glitch, "fall down getup and run", meta cheese: shed defenses and crossers, drop back-rollout-crossbody-crossfield-playmaker-deep pass Vick, the contain "fix",  Worthless Red Chems that don't work (and the make right), warping inbound sideline catches, warping though receiver interceptions, low trajectory pass user lurks, unstoppable high point passes, multiple defenders in area agg catches, solo battle losses because the server craps out, de-sync and pause glitches in online play, and on and on.  It was just awful. 


    Content was good until the weekly programs ended.  Then we got these mostly miss promos where 6 or 8 cards trickled out every now and then.  Alternate currencies and their re-roll slot machines.  The same house rules events over and over, to go with the same solo battle song on repeat every week. EA giving up after 7-8 months.  No final updates for some of the biggest names in the sport.  Missing Legends.  There were a lot of interesting ways to make coins this year, but this is a football game, not a wall street/vegas gambling sim. 


    Finally, team building.  The lone bright spot. Picking your scheme,  physical and red chemistries was great. Team chems boosts were awesome. Training points and power ups were great. Power up passes, training bypasses...both great.  Powering down shouldn't cost coins though.  


    With game play as bad as Madden '19, you barely have a game at all.  Building a god squad with tier 3 this and tier 5 that means nothing if all it really comes down to is the dice roll saying a 79 OVR WR wins the agg catch in the middle of 3 99 OVR DBs. 

     I concur with every single word this man said!

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  • posted a message on preperation for RP program?

    Coins, always coins

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  • posted a message on Your best WR all year ?
    Quote from jcsteel66 >>

    At the time, I have to say Blitz Tyreek Hill -- first 99 Speed offensive card for me, and so much fun to bomb over the top.


    For end game, I have to go with fully powered up Terrell Owens, who can literally do it all -- 99 Speed, great ability to spec catch and catch in traffic, plus hold run blocks.

     My TO plays like the real TO.  He drops passes ALL the time.  If he can hold onto the ball, he's amazing after the catch!

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  • posted a message on Cards you still need for your team or want to try out?

    I was thinking of powering up Peppers to see how his 99 plays and also powering up the new Deion Jones

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  • posted a message on Which team got screwed the hardest?
    Quote from StickWork7 >>
    Quote from BallsInHand666 >>

    Denver, but I understand why. The team sucked for the past 3 years IRL. No need to icing coat it like they do with other shitty teams. Hopefully the Broncos turn it around this year so we can get some good madden cards! 

     Plenty of teams are crap irl tho and get monster cards (49ers). But I definitely hear ya. Wish there was more balance through the teams.

     If you look at most of the 49er powerhouse cards, it's from legends or players that were once a 49er that are now on another team or were picked up by the team in free agency.  Look at who started the year as a 49er that is still a stud this late in the year.  Sherman, Staley and Buckner are really the only stars that were on the team that got great cards.  The fluke is McKinnon.  He had a great card even though he never saw a single snap in 2018. 

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  • posted a message on So is RP actually beneficial or just fun for sets?
    Quote from blitzfist >>

    No chems


     Chems are going away in 20 so that's an invalid argument.

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