JTCarpenter has received 318 Muthead Honor from 65 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 DSWkickass_88Sep 30, 2016For being a great contributor to MH and a great person
2 Mooks101Sep 27, 2016#30! Guy deserves it!
1 RavensFan81Sep 25, 2016Thought I had already given you one. Awesome guy in the community!
2 TheBaconAteHerSep 22, 2016For being a great clan member and awesome league mate!
5 Mr1_on1Sep 19, 2016congrats on becoming ELITE you really deserve it and i hope this moves you to the next color sir
5 Mooks101Sep 18, 2016One of my favorite members of HERO! Love you bro!
2 Mr1_on1Sep 14, 2016Great Mutheader and a very helpful member thank you for helping me and for all you do!
2 Throw_up_tha_XSep 10, 2016Received my 1000th post! Awesome dude in mut
1 jjyoupkphiSep 8, 2016Fellow BBU grad and someone who is putting in the work, very deserving of honor!
3 Mooks101Sep 1, 2016#10. Get that new color and thanks for all the help you do in HERO.
1 Klee9163Aug 15, 2016I would send you more, but only got 1 left to send... Officially welcome to HERO, and its great to have you here brother. Keep it up.
1 Mr1_on1Aug 13, 2016Great mutheader with a very positive attitude the future looks bright for you sir
1 Bigbluehouse1Aug 12, 2016BBU Grad #90 and Great Community Member
2 AUBLUEAug 12, 2016Great Muthead member. Keep up the awesome work! :-)
1 Vladimir_PutinAug 10, 2016Good Luck sir...and THanks
1 CheesyGenieAug 10, 2016Great work with BBU, you did an awesome job! Make us proud and congratulations!