JTCarpenter has received 318 Muthead Honor from 65 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
4 tricky80gFeb 5, 2017What a good all around guy. Always looking to help others and give back.
3 chrisbhedrickFeb 2, 2017Completed Big Brother University Grad. School, soon to be legend, and a major asset to our community! Great Job JT!
3 bloodysycophantFeb 2, 2017Congrats on 3k posts
2 SchwagzorJan 21, 2017Amazing community member and one of the most generous people on the site. Thank you for everything!
1 HailToTheRedskins24Jan 16, 2017Great guy in the community
2 Takeflight138Jan 14, 2017for being a generous fellow Elite member!
4 Klee9163Jan 13, 2017Class act, thanks for babysitting SF all the time!!! ;)
1 Swing4TheFencesJan 10, 2017Recommended for honor in my thread by another member. I agree you're worthy!
5 xBengalsx18Jan 8, 2017Did someone say 100?? Oh ya I did ;) thanks for everything man!
3 Mr1_on1Jan 7, 2017Thanks for being a great example of how to Muthead!
2 AlmightyCowboysJan 7, 2017For being a helpful person
5 Mr1_on1Jan 6, 2017Get that next color you deserve it!!
2 ultratarantulaJan 6, 2017great guy and a great member of the community on muthead
1 DaBears4LyfeDec 21, 2016HERO
2 SchwagzorDec 12, 2016Very legit generous member here. Congrats on the 2k!
3 MikeyDDec 12, 2016For being generous to others. Good dude
1 TallbullDec 11, 2016Congrats on the big Memphis win
10 MightyMouse417Dec 9, 2016Class act guy
3 Mr1_on1Dec 9, 2016Congrats on 2k my friend!
3 RavensFan81Dec 5, 2016Generous guy!
2 tricky80gNov 30, 2016Great MHer and all around nice guy!
3 Capt_AwesmeNov 12, 2016His generocity is unmatched! A great asset to Muthead!
5 Mr1_on1Nov 10, 2016Great Mutheader always helping members in the community we need more like you!
9 Mooks101Nov 3, 2016Get that new color! #50 #GoCubsGo
10 Mooks101Oct 9, 2016Get that next color! Nice to see that brady's back eh?