JTCarpenter has received 318 Muthead Honor from 65 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 Zito501Apr 25, 2017Told me about a mistaken bet i made
2 tricky80gApr 19, 2017Best in the biz!
1 PidgeApr 19, 2017Long time, no talk!
1 NykeStormApr 11, 2017Showing the love for Boston sports as it should be.
2 Dliebs97Apr 10, 2017hey buddy, hope you are well, thanks for being a great clanmate!
1 _cesarboyApr 8, 2017Appreciate the love, sending some back your way! Keep being an awesome dude!
1 tricky80gApr 5, 2017Every time i see JT posts it reminds me we have such a great dude on here.
4 tricky80gMar 19, 2017JT is the nicest guy on mh hands down.
10 Cam_6Mar 13, 2017Fellow MA bro, get a ccb this hour lol.
1 MVF123Mar 13, 2017Great friend. Can always rely on JT when I need to. Much respect , and puts others before himself in all situations. Thanks for everything.
1 Throw_up_tha_XMar 10, 2017get that ccb baby! u deserve one
1 yusuf1180Mar 8, 2017Cant believe how far he has gone..great member of community
2 JOYOFROYOMar 3, 2017almost the last of my honor but i can't ever see a better place to spend it on :) grats on 1 year my man!
1 Mr1_on1Mar 2, 2017Congrats on 1yr bro!
1 JOYOFROYOMar 1, 2017great friend and just an awesome dude in general, always trying to help out!
10 Capt_AwesmeFeb 28, 2017A stand up member, who's always willing to help. Not to mention he's a BBU Grad. ;)
1 Linc215Feb 25, 2017Thanks for the congrats on me being a Dad! Appreciate it man
10 Cam_6Feb 24, 2017Great member on MH!
2 RindieeFeb 23, 2017May be a pats fan, but is the GOAT!
1 toberle1Feb 23, 2017great member
5 ElitesEmpireFeb 22, 2017Thanks for everything buddy,you are the best so glad I met you on here and hope you stay doing well
2 tricky80gFeb 13, 2017JT is the epitome of generous!
5 chandlerr85Feb 13, 2017just getting you back for being a good clanmate!
2 ShazzyFeb 13, 2017Congrats on your bets yesterday. Very respectable member
1 t1j2mFeb 11, 2017very helpful member in the community and always willing to offer advice, thanks for everything and keep up the great work