JTCarpenter has received 318 Muthead Honor from 65 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 nls1508Aug 22, 2017Great guy hope you're well buddy
1 tricky80gAug 6, 2017What a wonderful helpful and kind person im honored to call friend
2 Tekhed1Jul 18, 2017Thanks for the super smooth trade.
1 josh2brazyJul 17, 2017For the awesome tools from ROOT
2 AUBLUEJul 12, 2017Solid member I haven't recognized in a while. JT! Color up!
5 xBengalsx18Jun 26, 2017always was and always will be a great guy
2 dpmx21Jun 20, 2017Inspiring concept for a thread bro
1 LBJJun 18, 2017We've definitely had our ups, our downs, I hate you for beating us in 7 :( but one of the kindest, respectful, and wisest guys I know - TY!
5 c_gmzJun 7, 2017Just an excellent MH'er and a great guy...Thanks for all you do man!
5 sullysullinburgJun 5, 2017Not for illegal things (why would you even think that?)
2 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017I'm grateful that you are able to help me out with valuable advice.
2 SportsFan5000Jun 2, 2017Thanks for always providing an interesting perspective on everything. You have experienced so many things that have shaped your life.
1 TheNYG2016Jun 1, 2017For a great clanmate, congrats on the leadership role JT!
2 NykeStormMay 23, 2017Lets finish this game out
2 tricky80gMay 19, 2017A great guy im honored to call friend!
1 Mr1_on1May 15, 2017Congrats on becoming a Legend JT. You deserve it !!!
2 NykeStormMay 10, 2017Maybe before the game starts is even better luck?
1 NykeStormMay 7, 2017Another for a comeback
3 MabenxMay 6, 2017For a great friend who is always available to listen and advise
1 NykeStormApr 30, 2017Lucky honors are fr. GREEN RUNS DEEP
4 AilmanApr 30, 2017200 honor hype!!!
1 prestonporter53Apr 29, 2017Congrats
5 DonMontana23Apr 29, 2017CONGRATS ON DAT BLUE-SUIT BUDDY !
1 NykeStormApr 26, 2017For the good lucks, go celtics