JOYOFROYO has received 55 Muthead Honor from 16 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 jeh611Aug 26, 2017Thanks for sharing in the FUN!!
1 Swing4TheFencesAug 5, 2017BBU Team 2 Recognition
1 jeh611Jul 16, 2017Thank you for your FUN Clan Camaraderie!
1 Throw_up_tha_XApr 11, 2017FUN clan member
1 tricky80gApr 3, 2017Great guy right here!
6 ac7607Mar 9, 2017Big 50! :)
1 Croll_DaddyMar 7, 2017BBU Support - Thank you Sir
10 JTCarpenterMar 5, 2017Congratulations on reaching Legend! You deserve it bro! After a little over 2 years of being a great member, I would hope you'd be a Legend!
2 Tekhed1Mar 2, 2017Grats on Legend bro.
1 Throw_up_tha_XFeb 28, 2017Tricky said u need more honor. N having the flash as ur avi deserves one
2 tricky80gFeb 13, 2017Needs more honor!
10 JTCarpenterFeb 12, 2017An outstanding member of this community that is always willing to help others! Thank you for everything you do on day by day basis!
1 Legend69Feb 4, 2017Congrats on 2 years and 5k posts! And thanks so much for a great giveaway!
1 t1j2mFeb 3, 2017congrats on the 2yr/5k post milestone! thanks for the giveaway and being part of what creates the helpful/enjoyable environment we all enjoy
1 LSUmcFeb 1, 2017Congratulations on 5,000 posts.
3 ac7607Jan 31, 2017Let's get ya to 15! Thanks for everything bro
1 Tekhed1Jan 31, 2017Grats on 5k brother.
1 tricky80gJan 26, 2017To a great guy and clanmate.
2 JTCarpenterJan 20, 2017Because you deserve to have double-digit honor. #10 and well deserved for a positive Muthead member! Keep up the great work!
1 kingy5797Jan 19, 2017Thanks for being a great MH member and for your respectful and considerate replies. Thanks man. Take care.
1 lwcftwJan 12, 2017Thanks for Lookin Out!
1 diimsday1044Jan 11, 2017To Honor a generous giveaway :)
1 topcat1235Jan 7, 2017Lol meant to say welcome back to demo
2 topcat1235Jan 7, 2017We
2 Detox_ArazosApr 8, 2016Really nice guy! Great member! :)