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    GOAT clan

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    Forgot to post here but Gardy got resigned for 1 year $12.5 mil with a $10 mil team option for next year

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    Its a Cole world

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    Quote from dolphaholic >>

    eli haters need to chill. the hall of fame doesn't have to be a place for ONLY talent. what eli achieved deserves to be remembered forever, and that's what the hall of fame is for. it's for players that should never be forgotten.

     Well spoken, Sir Dolph

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    Tough scene, m'lads

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    Feel free to place your NFL/ NCAAF bets anytime during the week.


    HOWEVER, we'll generally ask that you hold off until Wednesday before placing any NFL bets.




    Spreads : 20

    Totals : 20

    Props/ Alts :5

    Moneylines (NCAAF only) :15

    Max of -500 on Moneylines


    NFL /NCAAF Prop Rule


    Max win of 5

    You can only bet one prop per player


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    At Betaholic’s Dolphouse, we reserve the right to lock any bet. While rare, we do lock some lines every now and then .


    Locked Bets will be noted first by a post in the thread, and then this post will be edited to show the time.


    All bets taken before a bet it is locked will be accepted.




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    NCAAB- 15 for MLs, spreads, and totals

    NHL- 10 for MLs, spreads, and totals

    MLB- 10 for MLs, spreads, and totals

    College Baseball - 5 Max 

    Soccer MLs, spreads, totals, and parlays are now maxed at 10 MHC!

    REMINDER- Props are 5, other non major sports are 5

    NBA spreads are 15, MLs 15, totals 10

    WNBA spreads are 10, MLs 10, Totals 10

    NFL spreads are 20,  totals 20

    NCAAF spreads are 20, MLs 15, totals 20

    Canadian Football League Max of 10!

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    Welcome to Betaholic's Dolphouse!!!



    • Truetoatlanta is the King of March Madness. If you have any questions regarding college basketball, he's the man to ask.


    General Rules

    1. We allow bets on pretty much all relevant sports. NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer, hockey, NCAAM, NCAAW, NCAAF, boxing, etc. We even take the WNBA for some reason! 
    2. Bovada only, via Oddshark.
    3. Any edited posts will simply be graded as losers, if you need to make changes, quote your post.
    4. Any fake lines/manipulated lines will result in an automatic forfeit. (If you have any questions whether something is line manipulation, odds are it probably is. Just pm us beforehand)
    5. You are not allowed to bet both sides of a game (duh).
    6. Please just pm us if there is any dispute. If we can’t reach a resolution, then we’ll leave it up to the community.
    7. In the rare case a payout is missed, please just kindly pm us about it. we’re humans, we make mistakes.
    8. If you place a bet and your MHC is frozen for any reason, you automatically forfeit that mhc
    9. If you placed a bet that violated any rules, and your team is getting destroyed, don’t expect your mhc to be returned. There are rules for a reason, follow them.
    10. Max winnings per day is 30 mhc
    11. Bets are auto confirmed (Please be aware that we do check odds, and times bets were placed)
    12. You cannot bet the ML of a pickem game.
    13. Place your bet in the correct thread please. It's not that hard. 
    14. The mhc that you wager must be in the account of JMCINSANITYWarpedChewie, or tgara depending on who makes the thread.
    15. If you do not send mhc for a wager, but you place the bet, you are expected to pay it if you lose, but will not be paid if it hits. There's no reason to make our job harder than it needs to be.
    16. We reserve the right to push any wager before the game starts. We have never done this, and almost certainly never will, but we retain that right.
    17. The minimum bet for ANY wager is 0.25 mhc.
    18. Payouts will occur as soon as we can, by the next morning at the latest.
    19. Please do not attempt to abuse any unfair flaws in our sportsbook. Don't try to play lawyer on us. If you find a loophole in our rules, we'd really appreciate it if you pm us about it. Show some respect to us, and we will show respect to you.
    20. We reserve the right to lock any games at our discretion. In the event that a game or line is locked, any bets using said game or line will count if they were already there but will no longer be available to use from the time we lock it (we will refund these).
    21. If you have any questions, please pm us. 
    22. You cannot bet a team's Money line AND spread.
    23. Hedging is frowned upon. We'd like for you to bet on the outcome that you think will occur, not against the one outcome you think won't occur. Don't try and be cute. Respect us and we'll respect you. 
    24. You cannot change your bet when its placed. 
    25. No Future Bets
    26. you don't have to say that you won. we know you won. maybe i should quote your post when you lose and be like "LOSER!!!" Yes this includes pming us less than an hour upon the conclusion of the game. 
    27. Pm me if you'd like to try something off script (extra max win, some type of future, etc.) I’m always open to listening, i just can't let it be autoconfirmed in the thread.
    28. We do not enforce forfeitures over silly nonsense. It’s just not something that we believe in.
    29. If we place a bet at your bet house, you cannot bet on the same team against us.
    30. ALL wagers are graded as according to Bovada, unless otherwise stated in our rules.
    31. We have every right to push your bet if we think you're blatantly copying another member. If we haven't talked to you about this personally, you have nothing to worry about... for now
    32. We do not take 2H props at this moment


    1. Max winning of 20 mhc per parlay
    2. No Pick Em MLs
    3. No more than one -180 or better in your parlay. and you can't have any line with odds more likely than -200.
    4. You may parlay spreads and totals, or the Money Line and Total from the same game (Football and Basketball ONLY, Parlay Rules #1 and #6 apply for maxes here).
    5. You cannot parlay props anymore.
    6. If the sport you are parlaying has a max of 5, then a 2-team max is 10, 3 team max is 15, 4 team + is 20
    7. Calculate your parlays here- http://www.vegasinsider.com/parlay-calculator/
    8. Parlays with lines from like games are capped at 10 MHC
    9. You cannot parlay or tickle the same line more than twice.
    10. You cannot parlay and tickle the same two lines.


    1. Max winning of 10mhc per ML
    2. No MLs better than -500
    3. No max bet
    4. You can’t bet both sides

    Spreads and OUs

    1. Max win of 20 NCAAF, NFL spreads, 15 for NBA,  10 for MLB, NHL, Soccer, WNBA.  Anything else not listed here, Max of 5.
    2. You can’t bet both sides here either, or anywhere for that matter.

    Alternate Lines/Props

    1. All alt lines/props must be from Bovada
    2. Max winnings on one of these is 5mhc
    3. No props higher than -180
    4. No juice here.
    5. You can only bet one prop per player



    1. If you don’t know how ticklers work, it’s pretty simple (PS: its our version of teasers). You buy points and give
    up odds.
    2. You can combine basketball with football for ticklers. Just stick to the fixed odds
    listed below.
    3. An example of a tickler is below...
    4. If a game becomes a pick'em you can not tickle them down to a pick. You must
    make the spread land on -0.5 or +0.5 with the different tickler options available below.
    5. NEW RULE! You can only parlay OR tickle a team/total TWICE. You can't pick a
    team and parlay or tickle them 8 times and rotate teams with them. If you do this, your
    first time will be a warning and refunded. The second time and going forward will be
    counted as a loss for ALL games AFTER your first two. This means if you parlay a team,
    and tickle a team, that counts as two times. No parlaying twice and tickling twice.
    6. A push counts as a loss for the entire tickler (just like a loss on a parlay would!)
    • You cannot parlay or tickle the same line more than twice.
    • You cannot parlay and tickle the same two lines.
    For example: NFL lines
    Panthers (-2, -110)
    Lions (-3, -110)
    Giants (-4, -110)
    You can buy 6 points and make it the following
    Panthers +4
    Lions +3
    Giants +2
    NFL Regular Season Teasers
    Teaser Size:     6 point teaser     6.5 point teaser
       3-team                 +150                        +135
       4-team                 +260                        +225
       5-team                 +400                        +350
       6-team                 +600                        +500
       7-team                 +900                        +800
       8-team                 +1400                      +1100
    College Football Regular Season Teasers
    Teaser Size:     6 point teaser     6.5 point teaser
       3-team                 +170                        +150
       4-team                 +275                        +240
       5-team                 +425                        +375
       6-team                 +650                        +525
       7-team                 +1000                     +800
       8-team                 +1500                     +1100
    NBA/NCAAB Teasers
    Teaser Size:     4 point teaser     4.5 point teaser
       3-team                  +180                       +160
       4-team                  +300                       +260
       5-team                  +500                       +400
       6-team                  +700                       +600
       7-team                  +1000                     +900
       8-team                  +1500                     +1200

    *Soccer rules*

    • - Max win is 10
    • - Only accepting soccer bets from the following leagues (because some people don't know what the top 5 leagues are): EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, UCL, MLS (not a top 5 league, it's actually pretty trash but we'll allow it) and Europa League. We also allow the following domestic league cups: FA cup, Carabao Cup, DFB-Pokal, Copa Del Rey, and the Coppa Italia.
    • -.25 and -.75 spreads are not accepted. Whole numbers and half number spreads such as -.5, -1, -1.5 are accepted.
    • Also if you're betting a "0" or "PK" spread please make sure to note that in your post to differentiate it from the ML
    • - PSG MLs/ Spreads/ and Totals are locked against Ligue 1 opponents.
    • Ligue 1 locked.


     *Hockey Rule*

    • 3 Way MLs are not allowed to be parlayed with a Money line or Spread from the same game.
    • Max for Hockey is 10 MHC


    • Max win on ALL baseball bets is 10 MHC
    • Over/ Unders must go 9 innings (8.5 if the home team is winning) to be graded. In the event a game is shortened or suspended, you will receive a refund
    • If you want to ensure that your bet will be refunded in the event of a pitching change prior to the start of the game, please list the name of the pitchers. if you don't, and there is a pitching change, you will not receive refunds.
    • We forgot about that stupid "this guy over 2 hits/runs/rbis" prop. Those are gone.
    • College Baseball 5 Max

    *NCAA Basketball*

    Max win of 15 MHC


    That’s where you find your odds for NCAAB. You can only bet on games that are from that exact list. Do not click on “picks” or whatever it is y’all do to find more games. That link is where you get your bets. This also OBVIOUSLY means you cannot go to bovada and bet props on games that are not listed on that link, because i said you can only bet on games from that exact list.

     *Non-Major Sports Bets are GONE with the exception of those listed below. The max for these bets will be 5 MHC!

    Boxing and UFC bets are accepted

    WNBA Max of 10



    *Tennis Bets are only accepted for ATP and WTA (No Challengers or ITF)

      Max win of 5 MHC

     This Applies to Tennis Parlays as well

     *Tennis Props are no longer allowed. We accept only Totals (By game not set) Spreads (also by the game not set), and Money lines.


    *UFC/ MMA/ Boxing*


    Max on all UFC and Boxing bet are 5 MHC

    We take Money lines, Totals, Props

    If you have a question just ask !!!


    In the event that any of these are Muthead Pick’Ems even spreads and Money lines are not allowed (This is a Muthead rule not ours.)


                                                                     Betaholic's Dolphouse Hall of Fame






    Sportsbook on Tobacco Road



    Let us know if you have any questions!

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    The Yankees want Cole badly and they are gonna do anything to get him on this roster. They’re pursuing the same routes they did with CC back in the day and they’re hoping that third time can be the charm with the talented righty to form a powerful 1-2 punch with Cole and Sevy.

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    Quote from JMCINSANITY >>

    Saints -3

     -2.5, whoops

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