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10 pdcameronDec 31, 2019brother from across the pond
3 HURCULESC130Oct 22, 2018Good guy right here
10 HURCULESC130Aug 18, 2018Thanks for all of the help bro! I really appreciate it!
5 BrejkJaNeck86Jul 20, 2018likewise you old wanker <3
1 Tims1893Apr 12, 2018Thanks for all of your support! <3
1 VonMar 12, 2018Euro brother!
8 i4luvofthegameDec 25, 2017Tremendous clan member and an awesome guy! Merry Christmas!!!
1 TrumpetmonkeyNov 23, 2017for always being such a positive dude: on Muthead and on Twitch! :D
1 Swing4TheFencesOct 7, 2017Looks like you're putting up some quality and helpful threads/comments. Love the positive attitude.