Hitmanhavoc has received 157 Muthead Honor from 48 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
3 BogusBirmDec 23, 2016Great MH member and contributer to the community
1 chuckesmilesDec 22, 2016For being a great member
1 martyr1968Dec 20, 2016Great member, always helpful
1 Throw_up_tha_XDec 19, 2016Funny as hell. Great dude in the community. Enjoy reading his posts. Happy holidays brotha
1 brigreen529Dec 15, 2016Congrats on becoming 99 and becoming a board member . UIHD brother!! Congrats again
1 prestonporter53Dec 14, 2016Happy holidays
1 SaviorsDec 13, 2016Congrats on Legend by Brotha
2 FitPittsDec 13, 2016Congrats on Legend my man!
1 brad9284Dec 13, 2016i liked you post in the xmas giveaway thread!
5 Slammer4244Dec 10, 2016Thanks for joining brother its awesome to have you here brother.
3 NykeStormDec 10, 2016Welcome to UIHD my man.
3 EazySteezy33Nov 23, 2016Welcome Back!
1 chiirchNov 21, 2016for having the best signature I have seen yet.
3 Slammer4244Nov 21, 2016Welcome back to the site man.Hope to see wonderful things come your way brother.
1 ZimTzuOct 27, 2016Never forget those who've helped
1 i4luvofthegameSep 15, 2016Amazing clanmate here! Honored to have you with us!
1 ZimTzuMay 5, 2016Can't believe I'm the first! This legit guy donated to SKOL so we could buy titles, much appreciated!