Hitmanhavoc has received 157 Muthead Honor from 48 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
4 CorKovAug 16, 2017The quest for 100 honor is getting real close my friend :), you deserve it, and I'm happy to inch you closer
1 samurijohnJul 8, 2017Glad to see you round
5 xXcGil18XxJun 13, 2017Thanks for being an awesome clanmate and such a positive contributor to the community.
10 blueandgr33nJun 12, 2017Get closer
2 Cam_6Apr 25, 2017FIRE member and a good guy!!!
3 samurijohnApr 23, 2017Welcome to Fire!
5 SaviorsFeb 21, 2017Wanted To thank you for what you do for the Community
2 Slammer4244Feb 15, 2017Lets get you a better # 63 just will not do.65 looks better doe
1 Joey1228Feb 10, 2017Awesome clan member
5 CorKovFeb 6, 2017good dude, always been a great friend to me on muthead
1 BDavis7Feb 4, 2017GLUCK BRO MAN
1 MikeyDJan 27, 2017Because you got on THE LIST!!!
1 BDavis7Jan 10, 2017Morning SIR , Appreciate you Greatly.... Nice MHC total too btw. Enjoy today, tomorrow is never a given... Take Care man.
1 BDavis7Jan 9, 2017 Thanks bro sir, gnite man and gluck
3 ATL_ToddfatherJan 7, 2017Thanks for the invite to UIHD!
1 SurvivorFan4EverJan 6, 2017Active and helpful member of the community. Always see great posts from Hitman!
6 xBengalsx18Jan 5, 2017Honor count doesn't show how great this guy is!!
2 Aviator4621Jan 4, 2017For donating to my giveaway and being an awesome member!!!
1 WizDragonXboxJan 4, 2017Great member on muthead and thank you for haggle free deals!
4 xBengalsx18Jan 2, 2017Great guy all around and very nice! Color change!!!!!
1 Blinky3707Dec 28, 2016congrats on 10k
1 GameAce92Dec 28, 2016Love seeing you around, another veteran member
1 awsomeguy408Dec 27, 2016Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on 10k posts!
2 tacosabanDec 27, 2016Congrats on 10,000 posts
1 NykeStormDec 26, 2016Great guy --- always making smart decisions, keep it up.