Hackel4 has received 61 Muthead Honor from 27 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 DonMontana23Sep 28, 2017For my German buddy !
4 pfb_threeAug 21, 2017Great thread on budget beasts. very helpful.
1 t1j2mAug 16, 2017thanks for your contributions to the positive culture that makes MH an enjoyable community to be a part of
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017He knows more about German soccer than me.
1 Jbrinson7Jul 17, 2017I saw your post in the giveaway thread for another member and that resonated with me. This place is great because of people like you!!
1 EinsOnCJul 12, 2017For teaching a valuable lesson in friendship, sportsmanship and respect. Very well deserved honor to an outstanding member :)
2 BlairWalshPrjktJul 12, 2017Very HONORABLE guy!
1 liam2105buckleyJun 29, 2017I'm dying cos of you lol
2 DonMontana23Jun 24, 2017Make it 40!
1 Ph33rTreyJun 23, 2017 Thank you for everything and help with the Pickems
2 jeh611Jun 18, 2017Thank you for your donation to the Father's Day Giveaway!!
2 pfb_threeJun 17, 2017Thanks for your generosity!
1 sirjibbaJun 15, 2017Great clanmate and good conversations
2 Throw_up_tha_XJun 9, 2017Helpd me sooo much in rocket league. Great leader and member here on MH. Thanks again brotha
3 pfb_threeMay 11, 2017Thank you for your offer!
1 EightenderMay 10, 2017Welcome Back to Madden! You were always a great contributor to the site, this honor is long overdue.
1 rdonn27May 10, 20171 more for my German brother
1 rdonn27May 10, 2017Welcome back man! We have missed you.
1 SethFreakinRollinsJan 13, 2017For adding to Tricky's charity giveaway to help increase the amount of real world $$$ given to charity. Nice job bro.
1 Hambone_MMOct 20, 2016To an awesome admin and leaguemate GO CHIEFS!!!!
1 tricky80gOct 7, 2016Great guy! He donated to a giveaway im doing and is a great member in the MH community!
1 Hatman11Oct 5, 2016Great member and clanmate
2 Mooks101Sep 19, 2016He always seem to beat me up in poker. I'll get you next week :p Great guy right here!
1 rdonn27Sep 9, 2016Thanks you for donating to my giveaway!
1 SchwagzorSep 1, 2016Thanks for being a great MUTheader and being so friendly.