FroZenb0NeZ has received 100 Muthead Honor from 20 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
5 D2KDuFFyMar 24, 2018They came boundinggggg over
1 CowboysFanTillDeathNov 11, 2017Lets me borrow his Blount ;)
1 CowboysFanTillDeathOct 21, 2017Loves my Vick but doesn't love him enough to make a deal with him :(
1 CowboysFanTillDeathOct 15, 2017Legit member lets me borrow players as I do the same, :)
1 CowboysFanTillDeathSep 24, 2017Great clan mate and trustworthy member :)
2 Kb72Aug 4, 2017If you don't know this guy, you should... He's served his country and has saved lives. Funny as hell and definatly one of my favs!
1 Little_HasmanAug 1, 2017For the other homie in the hood
1 Thunder13DomeJul 29, 2017For being a great madden buddy.
1 Oil710Jun 28, 2017Does the best thunder impersonation. #legit
2 Kb72Jun 28, 2017One of my good buddies on Muthead. Dude is legit on muthead and in life.
2 Thunder13DomeJun 18, 2017For hooking a brother up thx cuh
1 Legend69Jun 9, 2017Thank you for your service. I get to live the life I do because of men and women like you.
1 Kb72May 15, 2017Frozen....there's nothing else to say.. Legit!
5 Little_HasmanMay 1, 2017This guy is one of the most helpful members of this community. He deserves more than just honor!
5 Oil710Apr 7, 2017for hooking a brother up. thanks for the help
3 sbdraptorMar 17, 2017Stand up go in the community
1 Croll_DaddyMar 6, 2017Glad your doing well here on Mh
2 Little_HasmanMar 5, 2017I love playing H2H against this guy. He's fun, doesn't cheese, and helps work out schemes. A+ opponent!
2 Thunder13DomeMar 4, 2017Thx cuh fir all the help! Great member!!
3 Little_HasmanMar 1, 2017Frozen is a badass member and a ton of fun to play in H2H!
3 Kb72Feb 23, 2017Always cool in parties, soon he will have MHC for Days!
1 Oil710Feb 18, 2017a great, legit. chill guy. #LXBX
3 Kb72Feb 14, 2017Welcome to the clan!!! Legit!
1 Thunder13DomeFeb 13, 2017Great guy and always helping out very trust worthy
1 IntheFACE75Nov 10, 2016Veterans Day 2016 Thank you for your service