FrenchToastMafia has received 83 Muthead Honor from 26 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 xBengalsx18Sep 7, 2018fire!
1 Gord0Aug 22, 2018Clan love
3 tgaraJul 3, 2018For running the great movie trivia!
5 user-100034412Apr 21, 2018Great leaguemate.
10 TheyCallMeRedMar 2, 2018Best fresh toast maker on muthead
1 Ph33rTreyFeb 12, 2018Thank you for the help
1 wizardsbloodNov 1, 2017I have no idea who this person is
6 JONNYMACK1184Oct 27, 2017Always giving and helping out the community!!
2 packskinsftwOct 27, 2017Thanks buddy! Have a great weekend!
1 FatWhiteRabbitOct 12, 2017Great person and voice of wisdom!
1 Dr_ZmanSep 27, 2017For running the most entertaining giveaway on the site n bein a good dude!
5 BlakYoshiAug 21, 2017New color!
4 buggyfreshAug 18, 2017sorry for leaving you hanging on the giveaway hope all is well
1 samurijohnAug 12, 2017To a great clan mate.
4 JONNYMACK1184Jul 26, 2017Does a lot of giveaways to the community!!
1 JdogcaLJul 24, 2017Great mutheader and generous guys
2 samurijohnJul 8, 2017To the guy w the best gifs
1 SukAtMutJun 21, 2017Proud to call him a member of the FIRE Clan. Does a lot for the community.
2 GrillznstillzApr 29, 2017Your a cool dude
8 BlakYoshiMar 21, 2017Bc i can :)
1 SonOfMercuryMar 20, 2017Giving An Honor to all of the people that I made friendly MHC trades over the weekend!
1 MikeyDMar 17, 2017For handling things the right way and being a good guy. Thanks buddy
5 buggyfreshFeb 14, 2017for covering for me in my absence and being a great and helpful member
1 t1j2mFeb 3, 2017for hosting the movie trivia giveaway and all of your other contributions to MH, keep up the great work
1 buggyfreshFeb 1, 2017for helping me with the giveaway and being a good member