Fitz097 has received 213 Muthead Honor from 64 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 GiantsFan001Jun 26, 2018smooth transaction and he went first. Thx man
5 SchwagzorJun 25, 2018Thanks for always helping me out. Great clanmate.
1 dj1jryDec 5, 2017Thank you for Too Tall Jones mang ;-)
1 LordKakuzuNov 21, 2017Squuuuaaaaaaads! :P Awesome Mutheader, couldn't be happier we got to know each other more with Slack and Squads! Thanks for everything man!
5 1234RuinedOct 9, 2017HIT Squad!!!
6 1234RuinedSep 24, 2017Great Clanmate and excellent Squad mate. #HITSquad
3 1234RuinedSep 9, 2017Key member of the #HITSquad right here. Thanks for making MUT even more fun to play man!
1 LordKakuzuSep 8, 2017#HITSquad #HeadCoachOfTheYear Awesome friend! Love playing Squad with my man!
6 1234RuinedAug 26, 2017Helpful member of my clan and fun chatting mut stuff with!
3 Tdunks72Aug 16, 2017All around genuine person. And a asset to MH and hit
1 t1j2mAug 16, 2017for being an all-around great member, one of the ppl who stuck out when i 1st joined that made me want to be as helpful/generous as possible
4 1234RuinedAug 16, 2017Great clanmate. Fun talking MUT with him. Go Niners!
1 LordKakuzuAug 13, 2017"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world." Best friend one could ask for! ;) Thanks for everything Fitz!
3 SchwagzorAug 11, 2017Thanks for the awesome avi's! Amazing clan mate and community member!
5 ModularMayhemJul 30, 2017Thanks for being a great clanmate!
1 prestonporter53Jul 30, 2017Great guy
1 TBEETJul 24, 2017Very honest and easy to deal e
2 lachrymotionJul 20, 2017Thanks for the Twitch support Fitz! Didn't have to, but very kind.
1 1234RuinedJul 9, 2017Excellent member of HIT and MH. Excellent resource for mut discussions.
2 primetime22337Jul 3, 2017This dude is a asset to the community.Willing to help other members.
1 TBEETJul 3, 2017Ez 2 deal with
1 EightenderJun 24, 2017for your help today
1 FreshNsoCleanJun 23, 2017great to deal with, thank you!
1 dadejazzJun 23, 2017supportive member
1 prestonporter53Jun 19, 2017Completed mhc transaction. Honest. Great guy