FitPitts has received 69 Muthead Honor from 30 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 mozyOct 24, 2017welcome to FUN!!!
1 jeh611Oct 24, 2017Welcome to the FUN!!
1 simplegreen808Oct 22, 2017Thanks for being a great clan mate, let’s get you back to blue!
1 dolphaholicOct 19, 2017thanks for letting me borrow gronk for like two minutes :)
1 Aviator4621Oct 18, 2017Good luck fam!
1 Aviator4621Oct 17, 2017Great friend and clan mate!!
2 MrDru07Oct 15, 2017For helping others play pickems and being a great MH member. Eminem is Rap God.
1 steelernationOct 15, 2017Generous giveaway to help others!
2 chuckesmilesOct 14, 2017Great person
1 HitmanhavocOct 12, 2017Eminem=GOAT
1 CerndogSep 27, 2017Really easy to deal with good deal
1 wizardsbloodSep 19, 2017cookies for you
2 LKDESIGNZSep 13, 2017good friend, and very generous
2 Taco_NinjaSep 13, 2017Appreciate your LK Avi Giveaway
1 simplegreen808Sep 2, 2017Congrats on becoming LEGEND
2 DonMontana23Sep 1, 2017make it 50ty ! congrats on the blue-suit my man
2 chuckesmilesSep 1, 2017Late legendary congratulations
1 josho711Aug 30, 2017Late Blue suit gift. Congrats and thanks for being a great MH/LIFE member!
3 bigdogjazz2020Aug 28, 2017Early congrats on the blue suit!
1 OldButCanStillBallAug 17, 2017Thank you very much for your generosity!
1 t1j2mAug 15, 2017really nice gesture on your part to help members out with no MHC, thanks for your generosity/giving back to the community
1 Bones939Aug 15, 2017Awesome giveaway man
1 Staubach12Aug 15, 2017Great giveaways brother!
3 mackmiller974Aug 15, 2017Great member of the community who always goes out of his way to help others
1 mozyAug 15, 2017honoring the honorable... your positive nature and generosity has been awesome for the community!