EndWish has received 33 Muthead Honor from 22 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 HawkeyeP1erceOct 5, 2017Long Overdue honor for being part of an awesome clan
1 prestonporter53Jul 12, 2017Thanks for letting me join the clan
1 wprichard55Apr 18, 2017Really amazing Easter giveaway. A lot of effort to organize and maintain. Thanks for giving back to the community!
1 JimmyGaroppoloApr 7, 2017Great member of the community! Always legitimate and helpful!
1 t1j2mApr 1, 2017contributes to the MH community in a bunch of different ways and recently helped me out by answering some ?'s/giving some insightful tips
5 c_gmzMar 30, 2017A great Mutheader - continues to teach me and other, and is always willing to help!
1 RshootsMar 21, 2017Great Easter giveaway
2 Bouncer014Mar 20, 2017Great MHer and really awesome Easter giveaway. Looks like it took A LOT more effort than you run-of-the-mill giveaway!
1 SonOfMercuryMar 20, 2017Giving An Honor to all of the people that I made friendly MHC trades over the weekend!
2 c_gmzMar 19, 2017Thank you for allowing me to enter the giveaway and responding to my post.
1 Tekhed1Mar 18, 2017Thanks for the very generous giveaway.
1 hawksocksMar 18, 2017Awesome giveaway!
1 strayboogieMar 18, 2017Hell of a giveaway major generous
1 Vladimir_PutinMar 11, 2017Great attitude....win a CCB
1 yusuf1180Mar 8, 2017Thank you for helping me find a honorable member
2 ShazzyNov 16, 2016For making a detailed thread for "Dummies" Excellent read for the Community
1 Buffcoat48Nov 12, 2016Excellent article and a great help to the community - well done..
1 Ccrane9Nov 11, 2016Nice coin making guide
1 Mr1_on1Nov 1, 2016Congrats on becoming elite and thanks for all you do in our community best of luck to you sir
1 Mooks101Nov 1, 2016Congrats on elite and thanks for hosting a giveaway :)
1 stairwaytose7enOct 7, 2016Great thread on making coins
1 NotACow42Oct 5, 2016Nice writeup! Thanks for helping people out!
1 tricky80gOct 5, 2016Great help to others giving out coin making tips
3 Mooks101Sep 23, 20167 month member with no honor? Very knowledgeable and a great asset to the MM community. Thank you.