Eightender has received 295 Muthead Honor from 89 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 NornIronFrozenTundraFeb 17, 2020End of an era
1 NornIronFrozenTundraJan 7, 2020Thicc and Joocy OBJ
1 Legend69Dec 31, 2019Thank you for all that you do for the site!!!
1 Hackel4Aug 1, 2019Good one !
1 Ccrane9Apr 24, 2019The Best moderator!
1 TallbullJan 16, 2019I miss 8
1 tricky80gDec 25, 2018Happy Holidays!!!
1 king_bigdaddySep 28, 2018Thank you for helping me restart Pack Bounties. Couldn't have done it without you :)
1 LuckyLindy84Sep 18, 2018Thanks again for all that you do for us.
1 BGibbs27Aug 18, 2018One of the first to reach out and make me feel super welcome in the community! Keep being you!
2 Sneaky83_PS4Feb 16, 2018Great Ideas!!
1 twikoffDec 25, 2017Merry Christmas EE! Hope you and yours have a wonderful one!
1 jakefromstfarm3333333333Nov 30, 2017Thanks for helping
1 Ph33rTreyNov 26, 2017Thank you Eightender for bringing back the Pack Bounties to the MH Community!
1 Fitz097Oct 7, 2017Greatest clan leader ever!!!
1 Dylanh0024Sep 27, 2017Thank you for everything you do to help this site. Really appreciate the time you take to make muthead the place it is
2 Slammer4244Sep 27, 2017Thank you brother for all you do here.Keep up the awesome work.
1 t1j2mAug 27, 2017thanks again for all of your efforts to create a helpful and enjoyable environment
1 LordKakuzuAug 21, 2017Thank you so much Eight!! #M18Hype
5 Tdunks72Aug 16, 2017Just wanted to say thank you for dealing with my little spurts of absence and allowing we to handle thing outside of MH.
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017Best moderator,online dad, and clan leader out there
1 Ccrane9Aug 16, 2017Great Clan Leader and Mod
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017Best Clan leader i ever had thanks for everything you do
3 MdCowDzsAug 12, 2017Keep them pack bounties coming! Thx. Eight for Prez!
1 aondis1Aug 10, 2017Thanks Eight love the Bounty Program!