Dukedakilla has received 189 Muthead Honor from 48 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 imarino13Jan 29, 2019Congrats on rejoining the 99 crew my man!
1 JaketlarsenMay 10, 2017Good seeing you around Duke
3 JaketlarsenFeb 22, 2017You da man
2 Tekhed1Nov 6, 2016Great giveaway.Congrats on the anniversary.
3 JaketlarsenNov 6, 2016Congrats on 1 year of a great clan. Glad to be apart of it.
1 m4tthog4nSep 8, 2016Awesome player and person, keep scheming
1 souLclappSep 2, 2016my brother right here. we sendin heat with no mercy!!! love this guy!!!
1 imarino13Sep 1, 2016Thanks for donating to my Giveaway brother!
1 CheesyGenieAug 27, 2016Happy birthday bro
1 Croll_DaddyAug 26, 2016Happy Birthday- thanks for great effort as BigBro
1 RshootsAug 20, 2016BBU graduation appreciation. Thank you for your quick responses in the process and for your support.
1 espickard25Aug 19, 2016Thanks for being awesome Duke!!!!!
1 kingy5797Aug 14, 2016great thread for new members
1 ScrodSquad22Aug 12, 2016A great clan leader!
1 Abhi2000Aug 12, 2016For being a great leader and doing so much for NEC and the community
1 808dvsAug 11, 2016This guy epitomizes the best aspects of this site. You're a solid dude!
1 tricky80gAug 10, 2016thanks for the awesome clan and being a great leader
1 imarino13Aug 8, 2016Dewwwwk!! Always doing great things for [NEC] & MUTHead
1 bethro01Aug 6, 2016Great Mutheader
10 curtin2curtinAug 4, 2016The Effort, Time, and Energy you put in the helping the community as a hole. Is much appreciated Duke. Keep it up.
2 KamChancellorAug 3, 2016The best leader i could ask for, It doesnt get better than duke!!
2 Gotti_EdgeAug 2, 2016You've earned it!
1 bloodysycophantJul 30, 2016Great Big Bro U representative. Very helpful.
5 schachtamJul 28, 2016Thank you big brother!
1 KCreverendJul 28, 2016Thanks for all the help. It's really cool what you guys are doing.