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    You buy the base coach madden for 10 trophies and put him in your lineup.  He will appear on your sideline as your coach... but he does nothing at this point to boost the stats of your players.  To get boosts you need to buy "madden collectibles" for 1000 trophies each.  You then "Upgrade" coach madden and pick one of the categories to boost... Run or Pass Offense... Run or Pass Defense... with your 5th one you get a "physical" boost that increases your Speed. 


    The boosts apply to every player in your lineup... so it's worth it... (but expensive).

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    Tillman, Adams, and Lewis... all with Enforcer.

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    You need to put a trigger warning on these threads.  I'm so angry right now.  Damn EA!

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    Quote from Grumpy_ninja >>

    DDA isn't new.  The rage you're looking for happened a few years ago.  It's been in the game every year, and at this point it's like screaming at the wall.  

    So true.  It's pointless to be outraged because nothing can be done about it.  EA believes it enhances player engagement and therefore is good for their bottom line.  So you just accept it or find another game.  If anything... it's made me not take the game too seriously. 



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    I also posted this in a different thread... but can someone confirm how much xp you get for just entering a game and conceding?


    I'm looking to level up my farm accounts and would be happy to give out a lot of free wins.

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    Can someone confirm what xp you get if you enter a game and just concede?


    I'm going to use these to Level up my farm accounts and hand out some free wins in the process.

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    Quote from MaddenMobile2121 >>

    I'd run Nickel Double A Gap Mid Blitz, press the safeties, and rush one safety while usering the other, watching what they do. Next play, I run Cover 3 Show 2 out of the same formation, press the safeties and make it look like Mid Blitz again, taking note of what their RBs do.


    • If they don't have an RB block, I run Mid Blitz with no safety blitz, but still usering a safety in case they end up blocking one.
    • One RB blocking, Mid Blitz with one safety blitzing, usering the other.
    • Two RBs blocking, bring the house and hope you get there (with QB contain if they have a faster QB) or sit back in coverage because they're scared of your blitz and only have 2-3 receivers running routes.

    Thanks... I typically just throw a heavy blitz at any Split Close formation I see... only because I get dotted up if I don't.  This approach makes more sense so I'll try it out.



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    If these counted as Series 3 H2H wins I would go for it. 


    Otherwise...  WTF EA?


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  • posted a message on DDA is NOT present in any Head-to-Head mode in Madden.

    Thanks OP!  Yet another pointless thread that adds NOTHING to a well-worn discussion in these forums... only serving to "stir the pot".


    To offer a contrasting opinion... I've read the patents.  And I've seen DDA in MUT with my own eyes (as someone who has been on both sides of it).  It is definitely in this game.  To argue against this is nonsensical.


    Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time playing MUT H2H would come to this same conclusion... unless of course they have ulterior motives.

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    Quote from khroniso >>

    Post shot S routes are good against C3 if you can clear out the middle safety with a slot streak.  Comeback routes on either side work, as do drags underneath clear out streaks.  Streak any slot receiver and put the outside receiver in an out or comeback, depending on formation. 


    C3 is generally more exploitable than 2, which is why guys will disguise it. If you’re expecting C2 and get C3 you can get baited into a pick.

     I find Cover 2 easier to beat for big plays.  The deep outside fades with Moss are open... also the deep middle from Fake Screen Wheel (unless they drop their MLB into a deep blue).  


    Cover 2 Man gives me trouble though.

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    I'm really glad I'm not the only one with similar experiences...


    I have been 13-15 wins EVERY week so far this year.  I have had several chances to get the 16th win... but like my Super Bowls... those games are always against teams/players where I just don't seem to have a chance.  It's fine though.  I'm honestly happy as long as I get to 13.  


    I also notice that Enforcer fumbles are rampant up to about 10 wins.  After that they seem to be few and far between.  My second win this past week I had three enforce fumbles that turned into scoop 6's in the first half.  It was crazy.  


    WTF EA... ?


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    Thought they were going to blow this game... but Minkah comes through with the pick to seal the game.  4 straight wins now.

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  • posted a message on Am I the only one that thinks QB fumbling is out of hand?

    Cam especially is a fumble machine.  I think it’s fine... another counter to guys that abuse these op abilities on offense.  


    I think they need to increase it actually... like if an enforcer gets too close the valley should come loose (and there should be a small puddle left on the field).

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    I have 3 Enforcers on my kickoffs... so I get more fumbles kicking to the left and letting them try to return the kick.  I never get fumbles kicking to the right because people know to cover up, fall down, or go out of bounds.  


    I have only given up 1 kickoff return for a TD... and have only gotten two myself.  But with a maxed Deion and someone with a good stick... it's definitely getting more likely now.  But I've been averaging 1-2 fumbles on kickoffs... some games it's zero and some it's 3... and these can be game changing.

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    Quote from kenkut >>

    Like Brawler and Sprinter? For example, if you put sprinter on every player in your lineup, what happens to the player with sprinter chem when a new card drops that u wanna replace it with? Do people just refund the training points by powering down and put the refund toward the new card? Just buying and rebuying third chems for every card? I run a 50/50 theme team and I haven’t used any of those physical chems yet. I thought u only supposed to use em on players you plan on keeping all year. 

     With the refund... I put Brawler on 30 to keep it maxed.  

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