Detox_Arazos has received 98 Muthead Honor from 36 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 twikoffDec 25, 2017Merry Christmas Dextox! Hope you and yours have a wonderful one!
1 BhawkDec 24, 2017Happy Holidays Detox I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday season #miafamily
1 bluegrazzcatDec 24, 2017Merry Christmas DA! Hope you and your family have a great one!
1 twikoffSep 4, 2017happy labor day MIA!
5 hallbabyJul 3, 2017Good guy, havent heard from him in forever!
2 TugernaughtsMay 12, 2017Easy trader, Traded players for MHC and it went smoothly
1 Thunder13DomeMar 21, 2017One of mut heads best.
1 m4tthog4nFeb 18, 2017Great positive guy who has been around the forums forever
2 curtin2curtinFeb 16, 2017Always been GREAT! Thanks Detox
1 Thunder13DomeFeb 12, 2017Whats up Detox missing hanging in partys. Very trust worthy
1 Brandonbs_21Jan 29, 2017For the goat. Ty for always being there for me
1 Sal198444Oct 4, 2016CCB luck
1 Sal198444Oct 4, 2016Get him to 80, awesome and caring guy
2 Capt_AwesmeAug 29, 2016Glad to call you BBU Fam!
5 SkernalsAug 27, 2016Extremely generous guy who offered me the last of his mhc when i was screwed over.
1 Brandonbs_21Aug 24, 2016Love you to death bro, you are a great clannie and even better person. Keep up the amazing work fam
1 JDSpadeAug 11, 2016Miss you buddy, but hope you found a new Home!
3 ac7607Jul 19, 2016Thanks for being a great friend
5 SlightlyJun 8, 2016My man :) always looking out for the community. Legit and chill ;)
1 CowboysFanTillDeathJun 8, 2016Legit as they come!! Great former clan mate of mine.. have done many deals with him, helpful member also :)
1 Broncos80Jun 5, 2016Former co-owner of LxD very legit and trustworthy. My thoughts are with you man!
2 curtin2curtinMay 28, 2016Nothing but great things to say about Detox. Thanks for being so Positive. Keep up the great work man.
1 Kb72May 20, 2016Very legit guy and not too shabby at halo...
1 mpark81May 20, 2016Appreciate the easy MHC for player deal. Trust for future deals
1 SurvivorFan4EverMay 13, 2016One of the nicest guys on MH. Always doing something to help someone. A good friend.