Davisthefreeman has received 380 Muthead Honor from 126 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 acneeksJul 18, 2017thank you for the random act of kindness!
1 Tobes87Jul 18, 2017for the random act of kindness
2 VaporSmokinJul 17, 2017Appreciate the MHC man! Good guy!
1 usctrojans14Jul 17, 2017More than deserving
1 mothealienJul 15, 2017thank you for the MHC
3 budd_breakerJul 15, 2017for the kindness, acting at random. XD Much appreciated man.
3 Readytogo72Jul 14, 2017Amazing mutheader!
5 DigitalChampionJul 14, 2017Thanks again!
2 thedullsoundJul 13, 2017For being an awesome member and BEYOND generous with MHC.
1 donthavethetimeJul 13, 2017getting ya from a raok a week or two ago.
2 BlainyaidJul 13, 2017Thanks for the random MHC! Very nice of you!
1 Bumpon10sJul 12, 2017ROAK STAR!
1 TralinskiJul 12, 2017For truly brightening up my day (which has really been awful)
1 BhawkJul 12, 2017Thanks for the MHC contribution man I reall appreciate it and good looking out for the community
1 OldButCanStillBallJul 12, 2017Thank you for the random act of kindness!!
2 chewbakaats58Jul 12, 2017Big thanks for the random mhc! Great guy!
1 Log1k4LCha0sJul 12, 2017Random MHC drops deserve a Muthead honor for sure
1 trashingthecampJul 11, 2017Awesome member with great giveaways.
5 ModularMayhemJul 11, 2017Very kind gesture of you to do sir. Much appreciated, hope this shows some loyalty of respect back to you. Thanks!
1 QuickwigJul 10, 2017Good dude
1 usctrojans14Jul 10, 2017Very generous mutheader. Thanks man!
3 AilmanJul 10, 2017The Real MVP
1 Ph33rTreyJul 10, 2017Thank you for helping out our Muthead Community & everything you've done for me!
1 trashingthecampJul 10, 2017Fantastic member of the MH Community
5 user-22644048Jul 4, 2017Great member of the community