Davisthefreeman has received 380 Muthead Honor from 126 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 user-100034412Jan 1, 2020OAK!
10 pdcameronDec 31, 2019Excellent tutor
7 lachrymotionJul 10, 2019Thanks for all your contribution to the Fortnite forum!
1 bruinrogueMar 10, 2019Condolences for being MHC broke.
1 Spartans24Feb 24, 2019Happy birthday!
1 aondis1Jan 18, 2019Let's give this a shot!
6 pdcameronJun 25, 2018Congrats on the new job. This is for being a great young man and taking a job to help people instead of just going for the most money.
5 jamhammerrFeb 16, 2018Thanks Davis! I miss seeing you around bud. Hope all is well!
1 bcc24Jan 12, 2018Thanx for your kindness
1 MeMike84Jan 10, 2018a token of my appreciation for your random act of kindness!! #letsbeultimate
1 diimsday1044Jan 10, 2018Honor a great mutheader !!!
1 CJkrohnJan 5, 2018best clan leader ever
3 MeMike84Dec 31, 2017family first man - all the best to you and your family in the new year!! and a speedy recovery to your grandparents!!
2 MeMike84Dec 27, 2017a token of my appreciation for your random act of kindness :)
7 dadejazzDec 19, 2017Great brother in MUt
1 JDSpadeDec 2, 2017Love the generosity. Thanks man!
1 t1j2mNov 27, 2017for always helping others, it's nice to be part of a community with members like yourself
1 WizDragonXboxNov 24, 2017Thank you for the act of kindness - WDX
3 Enigma172Nov 24, 2017Thanks so much for the random act of kindness, really appreciate it!
5 user-22644048Nov 23, 2017Stand up guy!
1 SmokeUmUpNov 22, 2017Have a good thanks giving
1 MUTLOBNov 21, 2017Truly an awesome guy. Generous, kind, amazing.
1 hev702Nov 8, 2017Return act of kindness. That's the second time you sent me some MHC randomly. Thanks again brother.
1 Lb33wonkaNov 8, 2017Great clan mate ! Thank you for the honor
1 gohogsgo71Nov 7, 2017Very generous Mutheader! Always giving what you have to others!