Danavanx has received 231 Muthead Honor from 63 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 JeepindDec 16, 2019Miss you and appreciate all the help you gave me back in the day! (& go Bills!)
2 TallbullNov 30, 2018Your missed
2 TallbullApr 13, 2018To those thats missed
2 TallbullJan 4, 2018GIVE CRAIG CAKE!!! Lol happy B-DAY
1 MrCraig24Dec 17, 2017i love you
1 TallbullNov 21, 2017Been far too long my friend
1 SesqyNov 8, 2017Some well deserved honor for you
4 TralinskiOct 30, 2017Thanks for keeping the clan going strong!
1 dolphaholicSep 12, 2017I've got a lot of respect for you as a member and for your entire clan. Thanks for making Muthead a better place.
1 jeh611Sep 8, 2017For your generous assistance in my Giveaway!
1 Robrules1Sep 3, 2017Grats on the BMS giveaway win last week
5 TralinskiAug 24, 2017For holding down RUSH through the good and bad times. I appreciate you
1 CillidogAug 12, 2017Thanks for never laughing at my hilarious jokes
1 JeepindAug 8, 2017For helping my friend Eddie ... thank you!!!
1 squatnbearAug 6, 2017Danas Awesome, Roll Tide
3 Robrules1Aug 4, 2017Soooooo glad you told me to buy that facemask!!!!
1 LimerickShawAug 2, 2017Nice, honest, and always willing to help. Pleasure getting to know you in the chat!
10 SaviorsAug 1, 2017For being my Best Friend and My Rock
1 bethro01Jul 31, 2017Thanks for being such a great friend the last two years!
5 nls1508Jul 29, 2017leader appreciation
1 SesqyJul 28, 2017For keeping things light and fun!
1 OhCaptain19Jul 28, 2017Been a pleasure getting to know you and your shower trials and tribulations. Cleanliness is important, even if the hose attacks you.
1 Jbrinson7Jul 21, 2017Thank you to you and RUSH for your generosity and for all you do to make this place great!
1 OldButCanStillBallJul 21, 2017Thank you for hosting another great giveaway Danavanx!
1 sconnell87Jul 20, 2017Thank you for the RUSH Giveaway!