DSWkickass_88 has received 53 Muthead Honor from 24 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 EVILKNIApr 11, 2017AWKN - Thanks for helping me hit legend
1 EVILKNIFeb 16, 2017AWKN fam....boom!
1 XhellhamerXJan 27, 2017Great member of MH and AWKN
1 wizardsbloodJan 19, 2017an honorable man about the forums
1 bcc24Jan 5, 2017yes i did it
1 chuckesmilesDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
1 bloodysycophantDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
1 EVILKNIDec 2, 2016Solid team member and leader..heard a baller too....:)
4 JTCarpenterNov 30, 2016Outstanding Muthead member!!! Such a nice person all around! Keep up the great work you do.
1 chrisbhedrickNov 29, 2016One of the most selfless members, supports BBU, and is always helpful to others, great asset to our community! Thanks Brotha!
1 chuckesmilesNov 24, 2016Happy thanksgiving
1 bloodysycophantNov 22, 2016Goats, get er done. Congrats on the new job.
1 LSUmcNov 19, 2016Great clan mate and community member. Honor for helping me whenever I've needed it.
1 robby47834Nov 17, 2016Thanks for the quick deal!
4 JTCarpenterNov 11, 2016About to hit 5,000 posts! Congratulations buddy! You deserve it for being such a positive member within the Muthead community.
1 bcc24Nov 10, 2016great work with the clan bro
1 JTCarpenterNov 7, 2016#30 - color up my friend. You deserve it for being a positive community member!!! Keep up the outstanding work.
1 EVILKNINov 2, 2016Way to work on operation AWKN. Glad you stepped up. You deserve the officer rank
1 XhellhamerXNov 1, 2016Congrats on officer status. You earned it through your devotion and honorable representation in AWKN.
1 AKLiensOct 19, 2016For understanding how MUT works.
1 zoowildlifeOct 15, 2016Seems like a cool guy and has a sense of humor...very active member
2 GrumbleOct 12, 2016Thanks for the help with Elway bro!
1 bloodysycophantOct 12, 2016Thanks for the donation to my giveaway. I Appreciate it.
1 chuckesmilesOct 9, 2016For being a great member
1 bloodysycophantOct 7, 2016congrats on soon to be 4k posts, and for being a positive member of the community.