D2KDuFFy has received 114 Muthead Honor from 36 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 MADMAN4010Apr 19, 2016Legit and trustworthy guy thanks for helping me out man
1 CrimsApr 18, 2016An amazing friend who has tried to help me out EVERY single chance he gets, and he let me use this AVI ;)
1 himgotscarfApr 12, 2016Great member of the forums, and super trust worthy. Helped me out with some deals in M15.
1 gooze99Apr 10, 2016Great member! DuFFy is super active and trustworthy, great clanmate!
1 ShazzyApr 9, 2016Great member of the community here! Thanks again
5 Detox_ArazosApr 8, 2016Duffy has always been there for me whenever I need a loan. Great guy, great member!
1 Redeyes012Apr 7, 2016One to the homie
1 Sf49erApr 7, 2016One of the best members here D2kDuffy :)
1 ac7607Apr 7, 2016Beyond honored to call duffy a friend!
1 Oil710Apr 7, 2016Guy took a chance on me when I was a noob. Great guy and excellent member of MH
2 JayVW318Apr 7, 2016You the man Duffy!