CrayonsMelt has received 125 Muthead Honor from 50 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
4 ballallday7Aug 15, 2016I know you probably don't know me but I've been subscribed to your YT for close to 2 years. Keep up the good work
1 nls1508Aug 13, 2016awesome member, awesome videos. get that 50th honor brotha
1 mudflap38Aug 12, 2016For good representation of the clan values
1 Throw_up_tha_XAug 12, 2016Great member to the muthead and utube community. Easily top 3 favorite streamers. Keep up the great work man
1 Kcrash5Aug 10, 2016Great Tostitos stuff AND a great sig. Love Jason Bateman.
1 SukAtMutAug 10, 2016A mature streamer. I just like the cut a his jib
5 Hendo5698Aug 10, 2016For the tostitos codes, you the man!
1 bethro01Aug 6, 2016Great Mutheader
1 futhead_mpk0303Aug 6, 2016Incredible work! These interviews are professional! You got a knack. Awareness is fantastic in these videos!
1 MikeyDAug 5, 2016For the great YT content and scammer interview videos, keep it up bud
1 mudflap38Aug 4, 2016For helping spread awareness
1 Robrules1Aug 4, 2016Awesome youtube stuff, keep it up!!
1 mchardjAug 2, 2016Nice work on the scammer interview
1 prestonporter53Jul 27, 2016Thanks for showing us ea nerf
1 ChaseUAJul 27, 2016Great job creating videos and running a good channel.
1 neugey24Jul 20, 2016Good job with channel and threads
1 ac7607Jul 19, 2016GOAT! Keep up the good work
2 Robbins1895Jul 11, 2016Great member of SWAT thanks brother for being you
1 olavmyren84Jul 8, 2016Great member and make good videos on youtube
1 Hendo5698Jul 8, 2016for vouching
1 wizardsbloodJun 16, 2016is a truly honorable mutheader to be sure
3 Tdunks72Jun 15, 2016Great content creator!
1 Ccrane9Jun 14, 2016Great Youtuber and Contributor to the forums
1 Swish4141Jun 10, 2016Love his YouTube videos! Crayons>Toke imo
3 MADMAN4010Jun 9, 2016Great member