CrayonsMelt has received 125 Muthead Honor from 50 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
3 prestonporter53Jan 7, 2018I still respect you
1 mchardjDec 12, 2017SWAT admin honor! Thanks!
1 Throw_up_tha_XNov 22, 2017Keepin ppl entertaind with his awesome utube content. Great pull on that totw solo btw!!
1 HawkeyeP1erceOct 5, 2017Just to get it to 120 for my OCD ass
1 thedullsoundAug 24, 2017Great Clan Member Who Is Always Giving Back
1 Adopolus234Aug 24, 2017Greatest Youtuber of All time! Glad to have you in the clan bud #SWATUP
1 VonAug 8, 2017Spreadsheet much appreciated, thanks
2 Dialex2006Aug 8, 2017Nice job done with the spreadsheet! Great member! Thanks!
1 TrumpetmonkeyAug 8, 2017GOAT
1 bbigg44Jul 29, 2017Great member of MH and the MUT community. Wish we had more people like you on here.
1 MikeyDJul 19, 2017Because you made THE LIST! Thanks for being a good member
2 that_scrambleJul 17, 2017For being a great rep for muthead
3 Adopolus234Jul 12, 2017For being a helpful member and also helping me out this year. To another year #SWATUP
1 prestonporter53Jul 8, 2017Thanks for letting me in the clan
1 TrumpetmonkeyJul 6, 2017for helping a monkey out! :D
1 LennokxJul 3, 2017Love ur vids. Keep up the great work!
2 phagueJun 10, 2017The beat dam user in the worl a good friend and snazzy dresser!!!
1 AbstraktFistsJun 6, 2017At least you proved me wrong before I went off for too long about it
7 Mr_Primetime_21May 12, 2017Awesome freakin YouTuber and community member :)
1 Adopolus234May 5, 2017For being a awesome friend and clanmate. #SWATUP #THECRAYONSMELT #COMMENTCLUB
1 Throw_up_tha_XMay 4, 2017Lol pulld the 99 overall rick astley card! Congrats on blue bro
1 TallbullApr 28, 20173 years and a blue suit! Congrats
2 jyun127Apr 28, 2017Blue looks good on yah! Rounding you out to an even 90 too!
1 d_ramafiedApr 22, 2017for putting up with me calling you Rainbow mouth over on 2kmuthead site!
1 mudflap38Apr 10, 2017For working towards helping the clan