CorKov has received 73 Muthead Honor from 34 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 xBengalsx18Sep 7, 2018fire!
1 Gord0Aug 22, 2018Clan love
6 BlakYoshiAug 21, 2017Because I feel like it lol
2 HitmanhavocAug 16, 2017Good dude
1 sturkieraAug 5, 2017For being a great trading partner.
5 HitmanhavocJul 12, 2017great clan mate
1 WizDragonXboxJul 11, 2017Appreciate your help allowing me to get LTD Mel Blount! - WDX
2 igorJun 17, 2017Always a smooth and pleasure-filled transaction...
1 MakerJun 9, 2017Congrats on BBU and for being a great clanmate
1 SesqyJun 9, 2017Congrats to BBU Grad #366
1 Thunder13DomeJun 2, 2017Bought my LTD Williams with mhc smooth and easy. Thx cuh
2 tacosabanJun 1, 2017Great muthead member! Appreciate your posts and help!
1 MadMeezyJun 1, 2017You make me happy when skies are gray
1 t1j2mJun 1, 2017nice work spreading the positive vibes
1 WizDragonXboxMay 30, 2017Thank you for making my EASTER Demaryius Thomas better! Now he's a playmaker! - WDX
2 BreezeThruMediaMay 15, 2017Great member and understood a tough situation!
1 WizDragonXboxMay 15, 2017For all deals today! Zero issues! - WDX
1 CrayonsMeltMay 15, 2017Good job being an honest guy on a MHC deal(not ripping someone off). Need more people like you in the community!
1 igorMay 10, 2017had an honor token left over and couldn't figure out who to send it to... so here you go.
1 BDavis7May 4, 2017GLUCK MAN
2 HitmanhavocMay 3, 2017Welcome to the squad
1 groove_merchantMay 3, 2017Just read your Shady and Chad Johnson reviews. Great work! This site needs MORE quality reviews!Do you post them on the player page as well?
1 prestonporter53May 1, 2017You need more honor for being a legend
1 JaketlarsenApr 29, 2017Great work with draft thread
1 jeh611Apr 29, 2017Great Review. Thank You.