Clippers32BG has received 51 Muthead Honor from 20 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 LaVarBallAug 26, 2018Free Liam!
2 MabenxOct 18, 2017Continuing support within the clan
1 usctrojans14Oct 16, 2017Community Contribution Bonus
1 Aggie_19Oct 16, 2017It's always fun talking sports with you! Thanks for being a good friend.
1 LaVarBallOct 15, 2017AMAZING CLANMATE!!
8 MabenxOct 12, 2017Your continued help and support is appreciated
2 TheNYG2016Oct 9, 2017For an outstanding contributor and clanmate!
1 LaVarBallOct 3, 2017thanks for all you do buddy!
1 LJSellOct 2, 2017for being an awesome clanmate and person!
1 LaVarBallOct 2, 2017A truly amazing member of [HERO] and the Muthead community in general. You are awesome, and keep doing all the great stuff you do!
1 MabenxSep 28, 2017Thanks for tour ongoing help and support within the vlan
1 strikeshot1Sep 27, 2017Quality dude :)
1 MicVick7Sep 25, 2017Enjoy your color
1 jim89402Sep 25, 2017For being a good clanmate
1 MabenxSep 10, 2017Outstanding contributions to the community and the clan
1 jim89402Aug 14, 2017Great clanmate, I always enjoy talking to him in the clan chat
1 GrumbleAug 11, 2017Congrats on Legend!!!
1 LaVarBallAug 3, 2017Amazing contributor to ththe community for his short time being active here. Really impressed bud. Enjoy your 2nd star!
1 GangGreen11Aug 3, 2017Thanks for helping me learn the ropes of MH!
2 AilmanJul 28, 2017keep up the good work
1 tricky80gJul 26, 2017Thanks again for all your help
3 dadejazzJul 25, 2017great MUT brother
1 artofwhatJul 20, 2017For helping me out and being an all around great member of the community.
1 Billyoak8Jul 18, 2017Thanks for taking care of the CCB winner thread. Much appreciated!
1 madtiger925Jul 14, 2017Thanks for helping out with the Autism Awareness Giveway