Brett has received 36 Muthead Honor from 9 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 buccs4047Feb 17, 2020To my favorite Jew.
10 buccs4047Jan 28, 2020GG Brett
5 ryanromprey12Jan 2, 2020Nomination for people who deserved to be recognized.
1 Clippers32BGDec 18, 2019Good man
3 lottsjr44Nov 25, 2019For being a great clan
1 lottsjr44Nov 16, 2019Thanks for helping me save money on packs! & maybe one day you’ll get a real console ;)
1 Sr71nightstalkerOct 21, 2019Thank you for being positive in the 100k thread
1 tatermanOct 10, 2019Happy 50th to Brett!
2 D0KTRGAug 11, 2019Thanks for that write up on GAPs
1 t1j2mAug 10, 2019great job on that GAP pack write-up, really easy to follow and lots of helpful insight. thanks for contributing to the MH community
1 blitzfistAug 10, 2019Right on