BreezeThruMedia has received 300 Muthead Honor from 67 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
6 vinsanity616Feb 18, 2020300!
1 t1j2mFeb 17, 2020#FUNmily
1 t1j2mJan 12, 2020a true legend in the MH community. thanks for sharing your exceptional talent/creativity with us over the years and stay awesome
4 Street_SpiritJan 11, 2020For your generosity
10 x6sic6_PariaHxJan 6, 2020Honor For The Avi GOAT. Thanks for the new Larry Fitzgerald Avi’s
3 ryanromprey12Jan 4, 2020Nomination for people who deserved to be recognized.
8 tgaraNov 25, 2019Thanks for the AVI! Love your work!
10 x6sic6_PariaHxNov 22, 2019The Man, The Myth, The Legend!!! Killing it as always with that fire artwork my dude.
2 MrJOct 30, 2019Great to see you back breeze!
5 DaZeD4dAyZOct 30, 2019Thanks for the great work Breeze!
2 LBJOct 22, 2019You deserve more, indisputably the greatest MH artist of all time, a quality guy on top of that too. Hope all is good and easy homie.
1 tricky80gJul 4, 2019Happy 4th!
1 jeh611Jan 6, 2019Colts Celebration!
1 aaveresJan 1, 2019Happy New Year!
1 SquawkboxxJan 1, 2019Happy New Year!
1 jeh611Dec 30, 2018Enjoy Week 17!
1 tricky80gDec 25, 2018Happy Holidays!!!
2 LKDESIGNZNov 27, 2018a great friend, inspiration, and someone i have always looked up to.
1 raidersnationdgOct 16, 2018Ur a legend
2 Bones939Oct 16, 2018Thanks for the avi man its so badass
1 tricky80gOct 9, 2018For being a great clannie!
1 tricky80gAug 8, 2018More FUN to come for M19!
10 vinsanity616Aug 7, 2018For creating a masterpiece better then I could have ever imagined. Thanks again!
5 tricky80gAug 7, 2018It aint easy being breezy! What a stand up guy!
10 ThinAirAug 5, 2018One of the nicest people on here!