Braskilla has received 705 Muthead Honor from 117 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 NoNameDefenseAug 27, 2017dude is legit! almost at the 500 club now :)
1 m4tthog4nAug 18, 2017The Parlay King
3 Primetime_VolAug 5, 2017Most bad ass wallpaper I've ever seen
3 jyun127Aug 5, 2017Thanks for the clan sigs/avis - they're great!!!
1 m4tthog4nJul 22, 2017Luckiest man on this site
1 Billyoak8Jul 19, 2017Thanks for being a loyal customer. We appreciate it!
7 miket5Jul 8, 2017Great job on making Fate a success.
1 jim89402Jul 6, 2017Thanks for the wallpaper!
1 hookrightthurJul 3, 2017For the Clan sig entry!
1 LBJJun 30, 2017For always hooking me up and for sometimes supporter lolol, thanks for all you do man, much appreciated :D
2 dpmx21Jun 25, 2017For teaching about parlays
1 SnagdizzleJun 24, 2017Thanks for all of the awesome art from DeMO!
2 LBJJun 24, 2017B-ras-killa - one of the best dudes on this site 140%, thanks for all you've done broski, bout time for a CCB too!
1 UserGameSplashJun 13, 2017Thank you for everything brother!! Your the man!
1 Foolish_99Jun 12, 2017Still can't get over how badass that Zeke wallpaper you made for me is man. Thanks again for hooking me up!
1 LJSellJun 8, 2017for one of the top graphics guys
1 awsomeguy408Jun 5, 2017Outstanding member of the community and a great graphics section member.
1 Blanko87May 31, 2017A great guy and member of the community!
4 dpmx21May 29, 2017460 brotha!
1 miket5May 27, 2017look at that mhc stack
3 c_gmzMay 23, 2017Thank you for entering the giveaway honoring BOLD and BBU :)
1 ABowlOfFruitsMay 23, 2017Thank you Brask! Without you, I never would've been able to do what I'm doing now with my GFX! Thank you for all the advice and tutelage!
1 jeh611May 19, 2017Thank you for Jennings!
2 jimmyv723May 19, 2017450!!!!!!!
1 XhellhamerXMay 18, 2017thanks for quick easy deal