Braskilla has received 705 Muthead Honor from 117 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 Boss1089Jan 1, 2020Thanks for the sweet Avi
1 SukAtMutDec 31, 2019We'll always have those PM's
2 LBJOct 22, 2019Been a while since we last chatted but you da GOAT Bras, such a knowledgable and quality guy.
10 BogusBirmAug 11, 2019Happy Birthday to one of MH greatest members of all time
3 BogusBirmJul 25, 2019GOAT! Thanks for the wallpaper
3 DaZeD4dAyZJul 21, 2019For helping me improve my work whenever I needed it. Appreciate it Brask
10 DaZeD4dAyZMay 15, 2019Amazing MHer :)
5 SkernalsApr 13, 2019Graphics Goat and one of the best members out there
10 BogusBirmFeb 10, 2019Thanks for finding a stream for the AAF games
10 MADDOG619Dec 30, 2018Good friend.
1 Robrules1Dec 4, 2018Love when you make people salty :heart:
10 BogusBirmNov 22, 2018Happy Thanksgiving
1 LuckyLindy84Oct 18, 2018Awesome member of the community. Appreciate all you do for us!
2 dj1jryOct 18, 2018Gr8 threadon MF and had me rolling on twitch stream 4 TOTW.
6 jcsteel66Oct 14, 2018For the great giveaway!
1 Gord0Oct 5, 2018Congrats on 30k
10 martyr1968Sep 25, 2018Thanks for all the helpful tips through the years...Great guy
1 WarpedChewieSep 5, 2018For the Solo Battle Tips. Thank you!
2 CillidogSep 4, 2018Thanks for the solo battle help
2 ThinAirAug 20, 2018Thanks for the killer graphics work!
1 verdunbuldogsAug 17, 2018nfl teams wallpapers are dope
4 diimsday1044Jun 24, 2018Thank you for being a great Mutheader and person
5 DaZeD4dAyZJun 9, 2018Great graphics artist, thanks for the edit it looks amazing!
3 operation_hawksMay 22, 2018For cp3 u are a forum god. All your posts are good
7 lachrymotionMay 12, 2018Thanks again!! #600