BogusBirm has received 220 Muthead Honor from 41 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
10 dpmx21Oct 20, 2019You sir are a legend
10 WolfOfAlbionNov 23, 2018Happy Thanksgiving
10 Mr_Primetime_21Jul 19, 2018Smooth and easy deal; Reliable member
9 miket5Jan 21, 2018Grats on another sb trip. Refs still suck lol
4 Sdbolts760Aug 24, 2017For being an awesome person and giving back to community
1 WizDragonXboxJul 23, 2017Thank you for your HUGE help with my quest to get a player I wanted! - WDX
1 TyrantorJul 17, 2017Thanks for the giveaway!
1 lachrymotionJul 17, 2017Thanks for
1 Mr1_on1Jul 10, 2017Congrats on 1yr clanniversary!
2 Primetime_VolJun 30, 2017Thanks for taking care of the clan brother
1 jeh611Jun 23, 2017Showing respect for all that clan leaders do for their clan families!
6 dpmx21Jun 15, 2017For my boy!
2 BabynozeJun 3, 2017Good Deals, and Good Comms. traded me better cards than I expected, and went smooth. Would do business again in a heartbeat
1 BhawkMay 14, 2017Did a nice smooth MHC trade with him and he was absolutely great to work with. Thanks man much appreciated
1 m4tthog4nMay 3, 2017Nice positive guy on the forums
5 MUTandstuffApr 27, 2017for the great leader who trust me enough to let me borrow a card worth a mil. thank you my man
2 miket5Apr 21, 2017Great leader!
3 Primetime_VolApr 9, 2017Thanks in advance for the lineup help
7 xXcGil18XxApr 3, 2017Milestoned a player for me for nothing. Thanks so much for the help sir.
2 Primetime_VolMar 22, 2017Belated happy Bday to our Fate leader and awesome friend
1 ukwildcats24Mar 3, 2017Thx for everything broski. Wu wu wu wu wu wu
1 miket5Feb 5, 2017great clan mate and leader
2 BraskillaFeb 2, 2017For the broski i may not be talking to for a while after sunday lmao jkjk,
2 BraskillaFeb 2, 2017For the broski i may not be talking to for a while after sunday lmao jkjk,
3 Cam_6Jan 15, 2017great guy easy trade :)