Blanko87 has received 90 Muthead Honor from 25 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 hookrightthurAug 3, 2016Congratz on Legend, nice G/A and I love getting someone to 21
4 Xxswaggerp84xxAug 1, 2016New colour and to get rid of them, of course to a friend though
1 LordKakuzuJul 14, 2016Amazing clanmate and friend. Love talking to him, always chill and funny. Thanks for everything bro, glad you're in HIT! :)
1 Xxswaggerp84xxJun 25, 2016greatest guy and greatest friend on muthead. Couldn't ask for a better friend
2 chuckesmilesJun 23, 2016Hitting 5k posts
1 Hatman11Jun 21, 2016Great member and welcomed addition to HIT
1 chuckesmilesJun 19, 2016Great member of MH and one of my good friends
7 GOPACKERS2909May 10, 2016Gratz on 3k go get that grey color.
2 Xxswaggerp84xxMay 7, 2016Go get your color man!!
1 Xxswaggerp84xxApr 28, 2016Congrats on admin of GOAT bro! Always there to help out and there for the clan. Congrats bro!