Blanko87 has received 90 Muthead Honor from 25 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
4 Mad_DoctorrSep 21, 2018For all your help and advice beyond MH and football
1 ac7607Dec 18, 2017WhoDAt
5 BreezeThruMediaNov 16, 2017Excellent member of this community!
5 yusuf1180Sep 18, 2017#colorchange
6 sto_248Sep 18, 2017Thanks for trying to help! Appreciate it so much!
5 kpreyesSep 7, 2017Always been stand-up guy!
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017he makes malice Brazilian people
1 Fitz097Aug 13, 2017One of the funniest guy i have met in muthead thanks for everything
1 LordKakuzuJul 3, 2017Couldn't have asked for a better friend. Thanks for everything brother!
1 shag9499Jul 1, 2017great scavenger hunt
1 user-100013122Jun 30, 2017for helping me out - better luck next time tho bro?
4 BraskillaJun 20, 2017Great friend, and always has supported my work, I thank you for that :)
1 Hackel4Jun 2, 2017Welcome back buddy ! nice to see you again over here! great clan-mate!
2 HomelandDefenseOct 4, 2016Sorry for the wait on the GFX
1 Hackel4Sep 15, 2016thanks for helping me out yesterday !
1 SchwagzorSep 8, 2016Thank you for your generosity and for doing such a great giveaway! Glad we are clan-mates now :)
1 steelersallday84Sep 4, 2016Never used it but much respect for your pack store! Taking a loss on each pack to keep the cost the same is incredibly nice
2 GOPACKERS2909Sep 1, 2016Known Blanko for a longtime and he is truly a great member and friend!
2 saintsfan42Aug 31, 2016thanks for keeping the mobile middleman list thread bumped. great job.
1 rdonn27Aug 30, 2016For being a good friend and clanmate
1 Croll_DaddyAug 26, 2016Thanks for spreading the word on BBU in the forums
10 yusuf1180Aug 24, 2016Greatest brazilian every who always heps with ebtting
1 Hatman11Aug 12, 2016Goat member always and helpful
1 Klee9163Aug 10, 2016Great great guy and friend. Is always very supportive and kind, just an awesome person, official congrats on legend btw!
1 EightenderAug 8, 2016For coming up with a good bounty idea