Billyoak8 has received 237 Muthead Honor from 41 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 MADMAN4010Jan 27, 2017Congrats o tmm brotha!!
1 m4tthog4nJan 22, 2017For helping keep the 360 community alive
1 m4tthog4nJan 12, 2017Great friend and player
1 MADMAN4010Jan 2, 2017Happy new years brotha!!
1 ultratarantulaJan 1, 2017Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
1 m4tthog4nDec 25, 2016Merry Christmas
1 MADMAN4010Dec 24, 2016Merry Xmas brotha
2 MADMAN4010Dec 16, 2016Great clanmate hope to see you on x one next year!!!
1 m4tthog4nDec 16, 2016deserves way more honor points
1 m4tthog4nDec 11, 2016Always helps others
2 m4tthog4nDec 7, 2016thanks for letting me use barry
1 MADMAN4010Nov 23, 2016never did say welcome to DT welcome brotha
3 stunner1969Nov 15, 2016Real nice guy always wants to help out
2 ultratarantulaNov 13, 2016Great Guy lent me a few cards to try, always ready to help
1 ultratarantulaNov 11, 2016has helped me out immensly with schemes and just watching the blocks and forums for cards. can't find a better person
1 m4tthog4nNov 11, 2016Helps look after the 360 community
1 LSUmcNov 9, 2016Congrats on getting on with one of the best clans on site. Always thought you would fit in there, so like to honor you getting in .
5 ultratarantulaNov 6, 2016looks out for me and helps me whenever he can
9 m4tthog4nNov 5, 2016Welcome to the clan. well deserved
1 ultratarantulaNov 4, 2016is always on the AH and forums scouting for cards to help me with sets, can't value that enouhg
6 curtin2curtinOct 29, 2016Welcome to DT my friend!
1 dmvrOct 29, 2016Welcome to DA TRUTH!
1 m4tthog4nOct 8, 2016Legend amongst the 360 community
1 LSUmcAug 27, 2016For being good member of 360 community and always trying to help. He helped me find card I couldnt locate.
1 m4tthog4nJul 7, 2016Great helpful member of the community. Always helps when I am looking for a particular card. Thanks Billy