Billyoak8 has received 237 Muthead Honor from 41 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 WarlordwarriorjOct 14, 2017Awesome dude very trustworthy
2 DaBears4LyfeOct 12, 2017Thanks for always keeping the MIR book clear and fair!
2 BoskoSep 24, 2017Hitting Legend this week. Only fitting to honor the man who jumpstarted my MH career. tks!
2 runningitup77Sep 7, 2017Always willing to help me middleman trades. Great member of the community. Thank you for everything Xbox 360 was a great community to be in.
2 DaBears4LyfeSep 5, 2017Thanks for always helping and running the best bet house on MH! Appreciate the work you put in for us bettors!
5 ultratarantulaSep 5, 2017Awesome Clanmate and good friend
1 m4tthog4nAug 31, 2017The Best
1 thegr8cujoAug 30, 2017one of the most helpful guys arond ive met on muthead. #leader
1 Elswick37Aug 30, 2017Team 1 for the win!
10 yusuf1180Aug 16, 2017He is very helpful person
1 TBEETAug 10, 2017For running an awesome bethouse
5 MADMAN4010Aug 10, 2017Congrats on 3 years brotha!!
2 diimsday1044Aug 9, 2017congrats on 3 years wow !!!!
1 OldButCanStillBallAug 1, 2017Thank you. You made my month!
1 NotACow42Jul 30, 2017Thanks for running an honest book (and making guys like me have their math straight!)
1 OhCaptain19Jul 28, 2017Thank you for Make It Rain, I am having a blast! Best Sports Book on MH!
1 CillidogJul 25, 2017Awesome guy, love talking about the Yanks!
2 akshajgaurJul 25, 2017Great job along with M4tthog running the bethouse!
1 tamc93Jul 23, 2017Thank you for being part of the team.
1 BraskillaJul 22, 2017Thank you for the Continues operations of MIR, and always being there to answer, and fix bets :)
3 curtin2curtinJul 21, 201710K HYPE!! YOU Da Man!!
1 PictureMeSprollinJul 20, 2017For being a great leader in 360 land
1 Elswick37Jul 19, 2017You're sweet as honey ;)
1 Boss1089Jul 19, 2017thanx for running a great bethouse
10 MADMAN4010Jul 16, 2017Happy birthday brotha!! Enjoy your day