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1 Mr_PoppagorgioApr 24, 2017Welcome!!
1 CheesyGenieMar 31, 2017Welcome to JEDI man!
1 Stoney_05Mar 31, 2017Welcome to the JEDIS my man
1 kingy5797Feb 4, 2017Thank you for your kind words about my grandmother
1 generalmyrickFeb 1, 2017Easy dealer! Very efficient! Thanks bro!
1 kingy5797Oct 7, 2016gets you to 20. Thanks for being a great dude and MH member. HOpe you're well mate.
2 FatWhiteRabbitOct 4, 2016For being wise and kind
1 Legend69Sep 11, 2016Good looking out with Sully's pickems. Loving seeing that on the forums. Nice work!
2 Slammer4244Sep 2, 2016Just needed to show my brother some love.UP IN HURR DOE.LOL
1 chuckesmilesAug 29, 2016For being a class act
5 WarEagle34Aug 15, 2016BMP is GOAT
1 ZapJul 11, 2016Love his contributions to the Pickem thread.
1 Kb72Jun 20, 2016Thank you for posting on "Random Thoughts"
1 SurvivorFan4EverJun 8, 2016Thanks for the MT trade!
1 EazySteezy33May 6, 2016Welcome to the hood brotha
1 kingy5797May 5, 2016Welome to [MHMA] Possum. Glad to have you on board brother. Thanks for being a great MH member
1 bluegrazzcatApr 7, 2016Great clan mate. Very generous guy & great MH member. Go cats tho! :)
2 Bigbluehouse1Apr 7, 2016Game GOAT