Baller1234a has received 134 Muthead Honor from 62 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
1 xBengalsx18Sep 7, 2018fire!
1 Gord0Aug 22, 2018Clan love
2 c_gmzMay 23, 2017Thank you for entering the giveaway honoring BOLD and BBU :)
1 jeh611May 11, 2017Thanks for being a great trading partner and Mutheader!
1 igorMay 10, 2017Graphics GOAT made me my Waterboy XXXclusive.
1 TralinskiMay 8, 2017Thanks for the sick Avi's! Much appreciated bud. Keep up the great work!
2 Bouncer014May 6, 2017Going out of ur way time & again to highlight the positive contributions of others. Thx 4 ur amazing participation in the Legend69 giveaway!
1 WizDragonXboxMay 2, 2017Thank you for the AVI! - WDX
1 Ophie83Apr 24, 2017Ball so hard!
5 MadMeezyApr 20, 2017For the custom avi. Thanks again.
3 NykeStormApr 16, 2017For showing Celtic love and pride. Thank you.
1 bethro01Apr 16, 2017Happy Easter
4 AUBLUEApr 13, 2017True GOAT
1 MVPFolesApr 11, 2017grats on legend man!
3 JTCarpenterApr 11, 2017Throwin' up a 3-point honor in honor of the Celtics! Let's secure this #1 seed baby!
1 hookrightthurApr 10, 2017Gratz on legend baller! well played
1 DavisthefreemanApr 5, 2017Great guy sent back mhc after deal didn't work. Definitely recomend
1 tricky80gMar 23, 2017To a great mher and person!
1 EndWishMar 17, 2017Thanks in advance for your help with the Massive Easter Giveaway! :)
1 dmichalikMar 5, 2017Honor for offering to help my son!
1 Mr1_on1Mar 1, 2017Congrats on 1yr bro!
6 BlakYoshiFeb 26, 2017Baaaaalllinnnnnn
1 tricky80gFeb 11, 2017Continues to offer people gfx help free of charge. Class act.
2 chinospikes_35Feb 10, 2017Keep it up with the GFX!
1 MaddenLegend302Feb 9, 2017Here's to a fellow Ravens fan which are rare on here. My Sig was all Ravens but had to change it for BBU