BBad14 has received 17 Muthead Honor from 8 members.

Honor Received

Amount From Date Note
2 Xxswaggerp84xxAug 1, 2016Getting rid of the rest with friends
1 chuckesmilesMay 24, 2016For being an active and awesome clan mate
2 Slammer4244May 21, 2016Thanks for the idea and what you did for Brandon brother awesome stuff bud.
1 sambvaughanMay 18, 2016Enjoy some more honor bro! You make GOAT awesome!
1 sambvaughanMay 15, 2016Great dude, enjoy some more honor from me. Hope to keep going strong!
4 bamafan99May 13, 2016For being a great Gigolo
1 HTTRJustinMay 13, 2016My homie since the beginning of GOAT. You're hilarious and a great CLANNIE. ily
1 sambvaughanMay 12, 2016You're the GOAT! Thanks for being awesome ;)
1 chuckesmilesMay 8, 2016For being patient, helping me out, and being a great clan mate
1 misk53May 3, 2016Von Miller says he is sorry.
1 Xxswaggerp84xxApr 30, 2016For a great guy that is trustworthy and a great guy to have in GOAT! Grate on 1k posts also :)
1 Brandonbs_21Apr 23, 2016Congrats on 1,000 posts! Keep up the good work recruit. Pat, Niners, and I are glad to have you in the [GOAT] Family